Last night marked the third episode of The Lying Game on ABC Family.  In this review, I recap the four best parts of the episode “Double Dibs.

the lying game

  • The twists about the history of Emma and Sutton’s adoptions are pretty clever. First we learned that Emma was actually adopted. Then we learned that the real birth mother (not the fake one aka Ruth) had taken Emma back, but not Sutton. And, of course, we know that Emma is the one who ended up in foster care. This brings up all sorts of questions about what happened.

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  • Ethan told the “meet cute” story he had with Sutton, although Emma altered it a tiny bit to make it more believable.
  • The romance between Ethan and Emma is something I told myself was predictable and I would not be invested in, but dammit, I am! They are so cute, and I wonder how Ethan could ever prefer Sutton over Emma.
  • The music in the episode was awesome.

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