Now that Sutton is back in her life, what happens to Emma on The Lying Game? Naturally Sutton’s first task is to attend a ball! (Don’t you wish you had her life?) The dress code is strict: only black and white. If you’re green with envy, you must cover it up inside.

The Lying Game “Black and White and Green All Over” Summary / Synopsis

Trouble brews between Ethan and Emma at the country club’s Black and White Ball. On the night of the country club’s Black and White Ball for junior members, Emma finds herself on the outside looking in, and Ethan must put up a façade in order to protect her. Although their loyalty to each other is strong, the jealousy and lies start to take their toll. Can Emma and Ethan look past their doubts and mend the wedge forming between them? Secrets, lies and jealousies threaten to topple relationships.

Watch The Lying Game “Black and White and Green All Over” airing Monday night at 9/8c, on ABC Family. The episode was directed by Fred Gerber, written by Stacy Rukeyser.


Sutton still has a band-aid.

A black and white ball. Sutton’s dress is long and white.

Laurel’s black cocktail dress is very cute. So is Justin.

Photos by Felicia Graham for ABC Family.
The Lying Game season 1 episode 14.
Episode Premiere Date: January 23 2012