Anton Wong has a song in the Lumina web series that I really enjoy listening to. The song is Love Song – Sing it. You can find the song at the end of the 6th episode of Lumina, entitled Windows. Of the song, Wong told Jen Thym, “LoveSong Sing It” is a tiny bit biographical, and a tiny bit inspired by this old film Lunes De Fiel by Roman Polanski. The story is really about dysfunctional relationships, and how people get badly hurt by them, whether physically or mentally. Quite often those who inflict pain are hardly even aware that they are inflicting pain on others. Some of my friends think it is a realistic portrayal of modern love.” You can read the entire Anton Wong Interview.

Another band with a song featured in Lumina is LGF with their song Grey. I think the best audio of it is in the Lumina episode Wake Up Call. (The song starts at 3:50.)

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Jen Thym is the writer/director/producer of the Lumina webisodes and I will be posting my interview with her later this week. (I have previously interviewed actress JuJu Chan.) In the meantime, make sure that you’ve watched the entire Lumina series over at If you need to figure out a bit about Lumina the series I really think you’ll enjoy watching this funny sketch: