Kate and Sawyer on Lost may have had heated cage sex, but the series finale  didn’t pair them up together. In the end, was that ever an issue to really care about when it came down to the finale? We wanted to know the mysteries and have them solved, dammit! But Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof insisted the show, and the finale, would be about characters. Yet for all of the characterization we got, were you satisfied with the lack of romance on the island in the finale? Did the writer’s miss the mark, or hit it perfectly?

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The nickname for Kate and Sawyer shippers is Skate, and there were several fans who liked both of these characters together. As someone who tends to pick the bad boy option (Logan Echolls over Duncan Kane on Veronica Mars, Spike over Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) I liked Sawyer more than Jack.  There, I said it! Sawyer was the bad boy on the island, and he made his affections towards Kate clear from very early on. And boy, was that fun to watch. While the pair shared a few special moments over the years (I forget how many moments AND how many years – that’s what time travel arc’s will do to you!) it was not this romance that won when Lost ended this past Sunday. And I really thought I would have been more sad about this.

Team Suliet? Juliet and Sawyer.

Team Suliet? Juliet and Sawyer. /Photo Credit: ABC/MARIO PEREZ

The finale of Lost paired up Juliet and Sawyer (nickname: Suliet), and Kate and Jack. It was almost an afterthought in the finale. That is to say, no big deal was made about the decisions to pair up these couples. Although the finale did beautifully honor the loves of everyone on the show in the flash-sideways (or after-ness, you could say). If you were hoping for an 11th hour “I love you” confession from anyone, hopefully you were hoping for the on-track, and predictable pairing we’ve dealt with for all of season six.

Many could say that there was no decision to be made of who Kate would end up with. Jack and Kate  (nickname: Jate) had been living together (with baby Aaron) off the island, and even got engaged. While we didn’t get to learn too much about Sawyer and Juliet (we only had two scenes to have their relationship really become established!) it’s clear they did love each other. And Sawyer was even going to propose. Sigh!

Of course, we can’t forget the giant island orgy where  Juliet and Jack were

Team Skate? Kate and Sawyer. He's a ladies man!

Team Skate? Kate and Sawyer. He's a ladies man! /Photo Credit: ABC/MARIO PEREZ

once a thing, and Kate and Sawyer were also kinda a thing. But both of those pairings fell away. While some people noticed that Kate and Sawyer seemed touchy-feeling in the last episodes of Lost season six, it seems that Kate and Sawyer never rekindled their love. Anything fans saw was interpreted wrong, or never there in the first place. There was no will they/won’t they drama on the island for them this season. Fans who wanted Skate, never had a chance.

Team Jate? Jack and Kate like to fly planes.

Team Jate? Jack and Kate like to fly planes. /Photo Credit: ABC/MARIO PEREZ

While the Lost finale was about characters, there was more of a focus on established relationships moreso than making any new, huge decisions in terms of pairings. Which is slightly unheard of for series finales. Usually finales will have a big to-do in the romance department. Kate and Jack did eventually lock lips, and it became clear to viewers that it was that pairing that endured on the island. Some might even say, it was fate. (Jate fate!)

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