lost fan art picslost fan artlost artIf you know that you have a secret talent for watercolors, bust our those paints. Maybe you can’t show you love for LOST via writing Shoone fanfic (Shannon/Boone and their love is ETERNAL, okay?), but now ABC is encouraging artists. “Starting NOW on the official LOST website, you are invited to get ‘lost’ in your creativity and share your original artwork with other fans on The LOST Fan Art Wall!” They say you can not only draw, but also sculpt or “create”. So basically, go nuts. It’s not to win anything, but personal satisfaction tastes reaaaal good this time of year.

I think it’s especially a good concept for LOST, because this is a show that has had so many little moments and meanings everywhere. So, pull out what really spoke to you and made you think – or just made you chuckle. I think I would draw a picture of Jack, Kate, Sayid, Boone, Shannon and Charlie (I think that’s who the group was, but maybe it was smaller) when they walked up one of the island’s hills and truly said for the first time, “Where ARE we?” That feels like a very iconic moment. …But maybe the Skate cage sex stuff is more your thing!

View The LOST Fan Art Wall and submit your own LOST fan artwork: Lost

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