It’s safe to say that last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries lived up to the hype! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more thankful that my favorite character had some of the least intense scenes of the night. Here’s your Friday dose of an episode recap – Caroline Forbes style.

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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Caroline pimped her Ford Fiesta, Matt proved that he’s not only good at bussing tables, we cried with Caroline, and while they may not know it yet, even more problems were created for the supernatural gang of Mystic Falls.

This week, when we first see Caroline, she appears to be coordinating the latest decade dance at the school. Wait… school?! YES! At least they’re finally making it look like these kids are still getting an education in the midst of all the craziness. I also have to comment on Caroline’s flawless hair because it’s not the usual style! We’re used to her Season Two Curls, as I like to call them, but this week her hair only had soft, subtle waves and I loved it.

Something makes me think Not Now Dana’s fate isn’t looking too hot (Aimee Bradley, anyone?), but at least she’s given something to distract her so that she won’t have to interrupt another conversation. Caroline makes her way over to Matt who acts as if everything is fine and dandy. Caroline is swooning at Matt’s adorable gestures and, to be honest, I am, too! They’re dressing up as the Kennedys for the night. Is this a bad omen? We can only hope not.

Later on at the Forbes household, Sheriff Forbes walks in just in time to see Caroline’s debut as Jackie O. Caroline notices that something is bothering her mom, but Liz blames it on work stress. “You work too much,” Caroline says. The Sheriff does seem like a workaholic and Caroline has brought this up before, so it’s definitely an issue between the two of them.

That aside, the mother-daughter moment is interrupted as Matt knocks on the door. He’s ready to pick Caroline up for the dance – and he’s wearing a suit. I cringed when Matt and Liz exchanged understanding glances throughout this scene. We know they’re both conflicted and we know that Caroline has told her fair share of lies, but it’s difficult to watch them deceive her.

As Caroline and Matt dance together, Caroline questions Matt’s disconcerting expression, to which he changes the subject and tells her that she looks really pretty. Caroline is clearly caught up in how everything appears to be going well for her, and she doesn’t necessarily have a reason to suspect otherwise. Who wouldn’t embrace that? However, she’s nowhere near dumb, so I don’t think this secret arrangement between Matt and Liz will last long.

Meanwhile, Elena has given Stefan the task of getting Caroline up to speed on the Klaus drama. Stefan and Caroline dance while Matt is off getting drinks in an area that is hopefully far away from The Original. I said last week that I’m a big fan of the Stefan and Caroline dynamic, and this scene only further emphasized that notion. They work so well together! I honestly feel like they’ve been friends for years every time they interact and it’s the greatest. I love friendships, so if this relationship can stay purely platonic, I’d be stoked. There are already enough love traingles on this show.

Aside from a quick scene where Caroline and Matt dance hilariously, we don’t see Caroline again in this episode. I know there’s not much room for casual conversation as the season comes to an end, but I do hope that Caroline is filled in on what happened to Bonnie. After all, Bonnie is Caroline’s best friend, too!

Next week’s extended promo teases flashbacks and the arrival of Klaus. The show’s flashback episodes don’t typically include Caroline, but this one gives us a glimpse at a few “current day” scenes, so it could be an exception. Tune in to The Vampire Diaries next Thursday to find out!

Written by Maddie Coe. Visit her Candice Accola Fansite for the latest details about this amazing actress. View more The Last Dance Screencaps at Candice Accola Web today!

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