How would you like to get spend $40 but get $140.00 worth of groceries? Well, maybe you can. (Hint: But you probably can’t!)

Of COURSE they have a book for sale. At least the title is cute.

Of COURSE they have a book for sale. At least the title is cute.

On ABC’s The Lookout the women from The Krazy Coupon Lady blog went to show how they save big at the store using coupons.

Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler had four major rules they use to get these savings. Let’s take a look at what those are:

  1. Bogo – Buy one, get one.
  2. Blinkie – Using the coupon Machine in the store.
  3. Stacking – Using more than one coupon at a time. (Store coupon + manufacturer coupon from different sources.)
  4. Apping – Shopping with a smart phone. Use apps to compare prices to how much it costs on a site like Amazon. There’s also coupon apps.


Photo: ABC

Photo: ABC

The women were both given $50.00 to spend. In the end, who could use their coupon tricks to save more?

Joanie hauled in over $142.00 worth of product and spent only about $42.
Heather got $138.00 of stuff for about $36.

In the end, Heather saved the most.

But doesn’t that seem too good to be true?

This writer thinks this is a lot of hogwash. Sure, I indulge in bogo’s and blinkie’s at the store. They’re easy to do.  But these only save you a tiny bit at a time. Meanwhile, comparing the price of everything you might buy with the price on amazon seems time consuming and frustrating. For big electronics, I always comparison shop. For my salad dressing? Forget about it!

So what you’re left with is purchasing a coupon app that probably won’t work all that well, and cutting and printing out as many coupons as you cane before you’re at the store. But during this episode of The Lookout, we learned that now people have to beware of coupon scams. Do you really want to get involved in this crazy world of couponing? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Both of these women seem to be smart and nice and I’m sure they have nothing but good intentions. For those, like them, willing to invest the time… maybe you really can save big. But for me? I’ll be shopping for whatever I want, but saving tons of time.

TLDR: If you aren’t ready to join the masses and invest tons of time, then there’s no easy way to save money with a few coupons!

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