The Killing season 2 is coming atcha, and we’ve got some spoilers to tide you over for a bit.

Who killed Rosie Larsen? After The Killing season 1 finale, we still didn’t know. And that made a lot of people upset with Veena Sud. But is it enough to keep fans from tuning in for The Killing season 2?

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The smart approach is to keep everyone tuned in to find out who killed Rosie, and then introduce the new mystery in the same breath (or episode.)

Emmy-nominated Michelle Forbes will be returning as Mitch Larsen, Rosie’s Mom. And she won’t just be returning, she’ll be a series regular.

A new character includes Lt. Carlson. He’ll be a man of the law in his 50’s who cares about politics. The other new character is Alexi, a Polish-American teen who was in the foster care system. He’ll have plenty of piercings and tattoos that make him look dark. There’s major bad boy potential there.

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Veena Sud told TVLine that in The Killing season 2 “We will solve the investigation of who murdered Rosie Larsen — all will be revealed — and there will also be a second case that emerges.”

The Killing season 2 will probably return in April 2012. Temporarily mark it down on your calendars.

The Killing airs on AMC