As if Sunday’s were enough to depress you, AMC’s The Killing guarantees you kick off Monday with a lethargic attitude. In “Ogi Jun” we had the usual frustration, stalemates, and sour landscapes as every other episode.

the killing season 2

This episode kicked us off with day 17 of the Rosie Larsen investigation. At first, I was all about justice and maybe even vengeance (since it is a TV show.) But at this point, I’m starting to wish Rosie would come back from the grave and tell her family to stop being so damn sad. It’s not even that they’re mourning her, it’s that they’re falling apart in the wake of her demise. Mitch is gone, Belko is dead, the kids are getting ignored, Stan is having issues… everything is craptastic. Don’t they deserve a vacation to Disney World? Don’t they at least deserve peace and a day with sun?

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Why do I have such a sour attitude towards this season of The Killing? Because I cared the requisite number of hours to be given an answer as to who killed Rosie. I’m tired of caring about this same case forever and ever and ever… yawn. The thrill is gone. Oh man, the thrill is so gone. At this point, when we do get an answer to the killers identity I might not even be able to care at all. And that bothers me. Why do I keep invested time in a TV show that is not giving me what I need?

Are you ready to stop watching The Killing?

Photo of The Killing from AMC. The Killing “Ogi Jun” review.