Are you guys frustrated by the ever-present rain, turtleneck-wearing, cigarette smoking, gum popping, ways of The Killing yet? My own determination for this case is waning. I hate to say it, but I almost don’t care who killed Rosie Larsen any more.

Down and Out (He Just Doesn’t Realize it Yet)

The Darren Richmond story is depressing from very angle. At this point, even his admirable hope in moving forward seems painfully pathetic for viewers to watch at times. Every where he turns there’s a new blow. The pretty nurse is changing his catheter. He can’t feel anything in his legs, though he is sure he can. His friend doesn’t think he should carry on with his career. (Unspoken, but true.) Just when you thought this story about a murdered girl couldn’t get any worse, you have this!

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Waking up in a Nightmare

Detective Holder’s actions were also painful to watch in this episode. He was jonsing for something. He felt guilty. He was upset. He couldn’t find solace anywhere. Finally he almost kills himself (a car woulda hit him eventually, yea?) and it wakes him up a little bit. And in that moment of waking up he realizes he’s screwed over his partner and he’s standing in the middle of traffic. Not good.

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Terry Can’t Take it

After seeing just how much the kids miss their Mother, Terry is the one who confronts Mitch about how she can’t believe what Mitch has done. (If she only knew.) It’s easy for viewers to agree with Terry in the second half of the episode. (The kissing of the paws thing melted hearts, right?) But part of me can understand why Mitch is going off the deep end. Her daughter was killed (and maybe she was partly to blame?) and so she’s shutting down and rejecting her grief and her new reality. Still, it’s hard to not hate Mitch a little bit. (Which is difficult to type, because she’s a grieving Mother, dammit.) Even though we know the rest of her family still needs her, Mitch doesn’t seem to care at this point. And this wouldn’t be the first story of a Mother abandoning her family in their time of need.

What will happen with Darren? When do you think, if ever, Mitch will return? How many chunky knit turtlenecks can one woman own?

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