The top highlights of The Killing season 2 episode “Ghosts of the Past.”

Holder giving advice to “lil man” over the phone.
He’s not exactly a qualified doctor, but who cares.

“The things I’ve done…they just won’t let me go and I’m…”
How could Stan even finish that sentence?

Darren wouldn’t even ask the people in an elevator to hold it for him.
He thinks so little of himself now. And we saw how the world literally towers over him, hiding him in the back. No wonder he feels powerless. The world isn’t the same as it used to be for him.

An unexpected diner conversation gave us a moment of joy.
Mitch and the sassy teen made for a fun pair. But why wouldn’t she say her daughter was dead instead of “gone away”? Is it because Rosie felt like she was gone long before she was dead?

“Kids aren’t fools. We know.”
As a child, didn’t you often feel smarter than others expected you to be?

Rosie hated her parents?
Is it because Stan wasn’t her father?

Rosie’s voicemail to her friend brought her back in the picture.
Sometimes it gets so long that we forgot to remember Rosie as a real person instead of an idea of a dead girl.

A great moment was when Linden went into her motel room and we saw, before she did, the outline of a man sitting there.
Did Jack call his Dad and let him in, or what?

“Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are.”
Let’s hope it’s the latter.

The Killing pics courtesy of AMC. The Killing “Ghosts of the Past” Review – Season 2.