After a 13 episode run on AMC, The Killing has failed to deliver a killer but scored a second season. Let’s talk about that.

The audience of The Killing started off on a journey to find out who murdered the sweet brunette (with secrets) Rosie Larsen. There were red herrings a plenty, misdirections, plot twists, and plenty of mood-appropriate rain. We had teenage sex, an escort service, vigilante justice, a missing kid, a runaway bride… there was no end to what we had. There were plenty of possible killers. But we still haven’t gotten the actual killer out of the deal. And, say what you will about formulaic TV, we expect some closure at the end of a season.

What The Killing gave us is a frame job. What The Killing gave us is more questions. (Where did Mitch go? What will happen to Belko? Will Richmond be killed or just maimed?) But you have to ask yourself – do you care if you get the answers? We may not know who killed Rosie Larsen, but we do know who put the nail in the coffin of The Killing (should I tell you? yes? no? red herring, red herring!): the showrunner herself, Veena Sud.