We’ve prayed for this day to come, and finally it has. But it hasn’t’ come without such extremely drawn out proceedings that you’d think we were dealing with the Obama’s, not reality TV people. Then again…did we really learn nothing from Donald Trump‘s three hour finale of The Apprentice? We guess sometimes there’s just too much crazy, and fitting it into under an hour would be even more ridiculous than Heidi Montag‘s new face.

Don’t forget, we know how whiny, photoshopped and superficial they all are. / Ph: MTV

So, get ready to sit back and relax as Lauren Conrad (probably gritting her teeth in annoyance) returns along with Whitney Port (these were only two ladies of this show that we didn’t loathe)  for a two hour chit chat. Other cast members of The Hills will also be in attendance (Kristin, Audrina, Lo, Brody, Justin, and Stephanie.) Noticeably missing from this line-up are Heidi and Spencer. Either they will be surprise guest stars, the proposed seating arrangements just weren’t comfortable enough, or those two really are having martial problems.

But because this show still brought us Heidi and Spencer (and without them, we don’t mind the show as much) they really should have considered spending at least one of those hours having an MTV executive apologize to the public. Let’s have some fanfare, some handing out of (carb free) ice cream cones…  just some general guilt-fueled niceties. A lot of that should be aimed at Conrad, too. She suffered directly at the hands of the Speidi’s.

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At 10 pm The Hills series finale will air (that’s right, it’s only a half hour show all this fuss is about), immediately followed by The City season 2 finale at 10:30 pm.