Lauren, Heidi, Whitney, Audrina, Spencer and even Justin Bobby have been put into artistic form by artist Karin Bubas. If this is the inspiration for the Andy Warhol’s of right now, then we should be very sad. While technically these portraits are done very well, one might ask why you would want to draw these reality TV stars over other subjects.

Our gaze must focus not to what we are seeing, but what it represents. Because it is not the artist, but we, who have elevated these people to positions of grandeur and respect. They get paid just to show up to events, to be “themselves”. Sometimes this really annoys me. Sometimes I just refuse to think about it.

Each portrait is of the person at their most defining characteristic as seen by the edited version of The Hills. Lauren Conrad is vulnerable and sad. Heidi Pratt isĀ  annoyed. Whitney Port is incredulous. Audrina Patridge is vacant and thoughtless. Justin Bobby is cocky. Spencer Pratt could give a shit. These are how these people will be remembered. But why are they worth remembering at all?

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Sirlinksalot: The Hills