Looking back at this week’s episode of The Good Wife, I realize not a lot actually happened. It was almost all just a lot of set up. But I was riveted the entire time, so I guess I can’t say that is a bad thing!

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The Good Wife Recap “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Algorithm for life
The case this week was, frankly, incidental. In many ways it just seemed to be a way to symbolically prepare Alicia for the scandals heading her way. But here it is in a nutshell. Will and Alicia are heading back to military court to help Captain Hicks (Patrick Breen) defend Sgt Elkins (Pepper Binkley) against 12 counts of murder. She mans a predator targeting systems and pushed the button to blow up an enemy combatant. It unfortunately also killed 12 civilians.

The military is saying they didn’t okay this mission, she said she didn’t get the message not to fire in time. Elkins is a very nervous and scared girl, and Will and Alicia do their best to comfort her, but when Judge Kuhn (Linda Emond) walks in, Will get a little nervous. It’s the same judge as last time, and she didn’t like them. Will tells Alicia to tell the judge any motions before the hearing starts because Kuhn hates him. Kuhn asks him to repeat what he whispered to Alicia.

Will: I said, ‘You take it. She hates me.’
Judge Kuhn: You wound me, sir.

I love the judge. First Alicia takes the defense that plenty of civilians are killed all the time in battle, so why is this one being singled out? It’s because this one was not approved. There is an algorithm, apparently, that weighs out the benefit of killing a certain enemy versus losing a number of innocent lives. Hate to do that math. Anyway, in this case, the guy wasn’t worth the civilian losses. Then they say that her co-worker is just going after her because he hates girls. Which, may in fact be true, but the point was, it didn’t matter. She was found guilty on all 12 counts. The judge later talked to Alicia who was upset over the verdict. Kuhn told her Elkins killed 12 people. 6 of whom were children! This was a just verdict. She says, “At a certain point people have to be held accountable.” A lesson I feel Alicia will soon be understanding all too well.

That Darn Fruit Lady

Okay, just thinking about this storyline is making me giggle, because it is inherently ridiculous. As you recall, Eli and Diane both represent the Cheese Council as a one-two punch PR/Law team. The cheese people are not happy with that new food pyramid which shows dairy in a cup next to a plate. Basically they feel it only represents the milk people. So they are looking to fix the new design or come up with another new one at a congressional hearing.

Meanwhile Stacey Hall (Amy Sedaris), doing PR for the fruit people who are also unhappy. She keep undermining Eli at every turn. She says she will partner with him and go after the veggie people. But she doesn’t, and he knows she was lying anyway. Then he meets with the bread people and tells them that they should join up with cheese, and try to get corn (always classified as a veggie, but really a grain) to join them. But then at the corn meeting, who shows up? Stacey Hall. So cheese leaves Eli and hires Stacey. Honestly, just typing out this section makes me feel like maybe I’m writing about a segment on Sesame Street but that’s okay. I know it’s actually important stuff. Eli is downtrodden, but Diane cheers him up. She tells him to wallow for a bit, realize he’s not God’s gift, then come back and the two of them will figure it all out together. Go Diane!

The Return of Wendy Scott Carr
Kalinda, still trying to help Will, tells him not to worry about any investigation into him. Peter’s off the case because of a conflict of interest (ya think?), so they are backing off. But what she didn’t know is that Peter assigned Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) to the case and now she is in charge, not Cary. Cary was happy to back off it because he didn’t like going after Will in the first place, but now he’s on board and Dana is VERY excited to go after Will and continue to use Kalinda for info. The two women go out for drinks and Dana tells Kalinda about WSC, but then goes back to Cary’s place afterwards and we are all tortured with the image of the two of them in bed. I don’t like Dana. Get away from Cary, you crazy lady!

Wendy goes to see Diane and their initial conversation cracks me up. Wendy says she didn’t like being a defense attorney.

Wendy: I don’t like guilty people…. Not that you do.
Diane: Oh no, I do. I love them. That’s why I work here.

This episode, to me, was all about how amazing Diane is. Lockhart for President! Anyway, Wendy tells Diane she is investigating Will for judicial bribery. Apparently she believes those basketball games are a way to hook up judges with bookies, and when the judges can’t pay off big bets, they sway verdicts. Diane tells Will. She says she knows he is innocent, but it doesn’t matter. This is about Alicia, so he better friggin stop it. But he loooooves her! Anyway, not the point. Things are getting out of hand.

Down with Jackie Florrick
During a meeting, Alicia turns on her computer and what does she see? Jackie on the webcam of her other computer at home. I guess she figured out how to turn it on. As you can imagine, Alicia is not happy. You can see the inside of her head explode. It’s awesome. She goes home and changes the locks. I literally yell at the TV, “It’s about damn time!!!” because I couldn’t believe she didn’t do it before. Then she has Zach check to see if any files on her computer were opened. The kids, being the smart cookies they are (when did that happen, btw?) realize Grandma has been snooping. Alicia, in a refreshing bit of honesty, doesn’t try to completely bad mouth Jackie, but does express her fear that Jackie is trying to get sole custody of the kids for Peter. Grace asks if Alicia had anything to hide on the computer. She says no, but her face said, “Oh crap, do I??”

Later Jackie comes to check on the kids. She doesn’t knock and tries to just come in with the key. Alicia opens the door and tells her she is not to come in the apartment any more. Jackie goes into a tirade about how Zach is dating Eli’s daughter and Grace locks the door when the tutor is in her room and how Alicia is a horrible mother. Alicia doesn’t react, tells Jackie she isn’t to come in this apartment any more and that she can’t hurt Alicia anymore.  Then she shuts the door in her face. YAY!! I squeal in delight! But then whens she closes it, she gets a weird look and I think maybe something Jackie said is going to make her mad at the kids. But nope… she is just annoyed Jackie has been picking them up, so she takes Zach to buy a car so he can drive to Peter’s himself! Love it!

Like I said  – this was a lot of set up for what is sure to be bad stuff. Next episode looks intense, and Michael J Fox is back, so it’s bound to be amazing! Can’t wait!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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