In this The Good Wife review: Why Jackie needs night vision goggles, how you know when it’s time for a “Dead Poets Society” re-watch, and my perfectly logical reasons for wanting to create”Eli for Cheese” buttons.

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The Good Wife Season 3 Review “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) is back, and her name is so memorable that you instantly remember “she’s that one woman!”

It felt like Cary (Matt Czuchry) was trying to protect Will Gardner (Josh Charles and fyi I only just realized he was in “Dead Poets Society” as a teen!) for a moment, but since Cary was fired, I feel like he has no reason to want to protect Will or Diane or Alicia or anyone there.

There is a seriously odd love triangle going on with Cary and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and Dana (Monica Raymund.) I love it. It’s twisted! (I love twisted.)

How much do you love Eli Gold (Alan Cumming)? I especially loved him in this episode playing against Stacie Hall (Amy Sedaris) as cheese vs the other food groups got pretty complicated. I will forever laugh at the quote, “We have a mutual enemy – vegetables.” Who knew how political something like the food pyramid could be? People don’t care about what is actually best for us, they just want to sell the most of whatever they’re selling. Eli is selling cheese (if he can re-woo the client.) Eli for cheese! Munster cheese, if we can get it. Or goat cheese. (Have you had that? It’s so good. And you can put it in everything – pasta, potatoes, salads, on the roof of your mouth for hours…)

Alicia (Juliana Marguiles) has caught Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) snooping on her for the last time! It’s not happening again. If Jackie wants to do it again, she’s going to have to hire a private investigator or at least buy some night vision goggles. In the meantime, Grace and Zach are now informed about how Grandma is snooping and Grace frankly said, “she’s such a bitch.” To be fair, she is. She’s a controlling, meddlesome person who wants her son to have sole custody of his children (which she hasn’t said point blank, but I do believe that is her end game) not because he’s a more fit parent but because that gives Jackie more control over the kids.

It’s hard to tell what will happen with Alicia and Will now that Diana has said (and I’m going to quote my notes here) “No to Alicia shenanigans! No to Alicia sex!”

The major case in this episode was all about a military case which makes me feel unfit to write about because if there’s one thing I know less about than the law it’s army stuff. So, was the verdict fair? I never thought it was, until the end when the judge spoke with Alicia. While an agenda was definitely on the table (“We don’t want that defense.”) it also seemed like the judge had soundly thought out whether the defendant was guilty and deserved to be in jail or not. Just because other people do it and get away with it doesn’t mean someone else can. If anything, they should go prosecute more people and make the issue of that non-prescription medication some sort of investigation.

Grade: A-
React: Jump into the ring with me! Do you think the verdict was fair? Why or why not?