Friendship doesn’t get easier as you get older. In fact, even with Facebook (or Facebranch if you’re in The Good Wife world) it might be a hell of a lot harder as you get older.

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The Good Wife Seasan 3 Review “What Went Wrong”

Alicia just purged her life of all non-essential items, namely: her romantic relationship with super dreamy Will Gardner. Sigh. And he hasn’t put up a fight, he’s been very dignified. So Alicia settles back in to her life and realizes… crap, I have a gaping hole where friends and a personal life should be. She refuses to admit that she was wrong for dumping Will, though.

I personally think she might be in a bit of denial about it, which is why she so adamantly told her brother, Owen (yay!) that she wasn’t in love with him. Was she? Truthfully, maybe not. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a worthwhile relationship, or that it couldn’t have turned into love. Alicia was never super great at letting Will into her real life – he hadn’t officially met her kids or anything. He was kept at a distance. But even that range scared Alicia.

What’s interesting and maybe a bit typical is that things are easy and working fine between Alicia and Peter right now. You’d be fooled into thinking they weren’t separated if you didn’t know better. And that comfort of the routine and familiar probably feels nice for Alicia. She likes having a partner. And hey, if your husband can get your kids into private school, all the better.

The case this week took on a totally different format than we’ve seen before. Rather than deal with stuff that happens before a trial, this was focused on after the first verdict has been read. It was all about the jury and trying to get a mistrial. (Diane is the one who spoke the episode title, “Let’s find out what went wrong.”)

The key to the case getting a mistrial ending up being that the judge had absently friending someone on the jury on Facebranch. I thought it was interesting how openly the judge was to overturning the case, but he would only do it based on the merit of law. It was a challenge to Diane, and she found a way to do it.

And it is Diane that Alicia is finding a friendship with, even though all roads seemed to be pointing to Kalinda. The bridge is starting to be rebuilt between the two. That’s just what happens when one of you goes above and beyond to locate a missing kid and the other bails you out of jail. I’m certain we’ll see these two mending fences even more in the weeks to come on The Good Wife season 3.

Another thing I have to mention is that Wendy Scott Carr going after Peter Florrick is pretty damn fabulous. And almost funny. Guess Wendy doesn’t care much for him after all.

What was your favorite part of this episode? Can you believe that a button blog gets over 4,500 visits a day? Or is there a bigger love of buttons out there than I had been aware of?

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