If you ask me, any episode of The Good Wife that has zero Eli Gold sightings and almost no Will Gardner, is ultimately a fail. However, looking past those glaring issues, this was a solid episode that left me extra sad to be entering the Winter Hiatus Doldrums.

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The Good Wife Recap – Season 3 “What Went Wrong”

The Benefits of The State’s Attorney
After the craziness of Grace going missing to get baptized by Jimmy Patrick (what sort of ridiculous name….) Alicia has a new plan for making sure her kids are taken care of: Capstone Private School. Something tells me it isn’t a religious private school. Since the year is already half over, the headmistress isn’t too keen on letting in transfer students. Until Alicia drops her husband’s name – then they suddenly get a meeting! It’s both nice and a little bit frightening to see how well Peter and Alicia are getting along. It’s better than fighting, but I don’t want her to fall back into that relationship out of habit and the inability to find anyone else.

The meeting seems to go pretty well. Alicia and Peter play up the loving working parents and Peter puts on the Mr. Big level of charm that only Chris Noth seems to be able to get away with. How does he do it? The height, according to him. For some reason, though, Grace and Zach aren’t excepted into the school. Maybe they made the mistake of introducing Grace to the headmistress. Whatever the reason, Alicia is none too happy and calls Peter to work his power. And boy howdy, does he. He runs background checks on every member of the staff – quite a few have DUIs or drug charges.

And then he sets that silly headmistress straight:

“I’m the State’s Attorney. You don’t say no to me. And you especially don’t say no to me when it concerns my children. Do you understand? …. I think the word you’re looking for is yes.”

And here’s the thing – I thought it was totally hot. I suddenly remembered why I love Chris Noth so much. But let’s be clear… I still don’t want Alicia to get back together with him.

Do You Know Your Internet Friends?
The case this week involved a female cop accused of killing her husband for the insurance money. She says he killed himself with her sidearm. The case didn’t seem to go well for the prosecution, so they offer 2nd degree and four years, out in one with good behavior. Diane and Justin (Romany Malco) are very excited and take the deal to their client. The client doesn’t like serving any time for something she didn’t commit. She asks Alicia for her advice, and Alicia’s answer is very abrupt – talking about how you just don’t know what a jury is going to do because who really understands people. The chic decides to ride it out, which turns out to be a bad choice because the jury finds her guilty of first degree murder.

They poll the jury and Kalinda is on the case to find out what happened in the jury room. They talk to several of the jurors and go through the trash of the deliberation room (gross). First they try to get a mistrial because one sweet juror who collects buttons wrote about the deliberations, albeit very vaguely, on her blog. Judge Dunaway (Kurt Fuller) says that isn’t enough, but encourages Diane and Justin to keep looking for something, because he believes justice was not done here and that she is innocent. This makes Dana thing that Dunaway is one of the judges in Lockhart/Gardner’s pocket and she is off to Wendy Scott-Carr (the still not singing Anika Noni Rose) to take care of this.

Wendy basically threatens the judge letting her know she is on to him and he better be above board and suddenly Judge Dunaway is turning away everything that Diane and Justin bring to the table, no matter how damning it may be. Until Alicia and Kalinda (yes, together, I’ll get to that awesomeness in a minute) discover that the judge accepted a friend request from the button lady on a Facebook-esque site during the trial. Tada! Mistrial and they get to have another chance. Hurray!

Meanwhile, Diane sees Alicia floundering from work a bit, thanks to the whole private school thing and gives her a pep talk. She wants Alicia on the partner track and to do that – gotta put work first. None of this silly family and “friendships” (aka sleeping with Will) thing. Alicia seems unsure, but glad to be getting ahead in work, since her personal life is in the crapper. Which leads to…

Reunited (sort of) and feels so good
With the kids gone and Alicia no longer having a torrid affair with the boss man (they decide it won’t be awkward at work… it’s still awkward), she is bored and alone at home. I mean, she vacuumed. For fun. So she calls her favorite guy. No, not Will (but you know you all thought that’s who it was) – Owen! Good ol’ Owen takes her out for drinks and they talk about how she needs friends. He suggests she calls up some of her old friends from before the whole scandal thing. She does and, well, let’s just say it doesn’t go well. There is discussion of a Chinese tribe that revolves around a woman’s sexual desires. So Owen says she needs to make new friends.

Alicia, meanwhile, heads over to the skate park where Jimmy Patrick works. She tells him he is not to contact Grace from now on. He says he knows – her assistant told him when she found Grace that day she was missing. He explains that there was a woman who found Grace and threatened to hurt him (with a baseball bat?) if he came near Grace again. That woman’s name? Kalinda! Imagine Alicia’s surprise. And then she finds out that Cary had Kalinda has been taken to the county jail because she was harassing one of the jurors.

Alicia goes to bail out Kalinda, but Dana has had her transferred to the hospital. Alicia goes all warrior woman on Cary saying that she knows they do this “shell game” with prisoners in order to keep them from being arraigned and making bail and if he doesn’t get her Kalinda right now she will put together a case against his office for tampering with due process. Damn girl. You kick ass when you need to say thank you to someone. Cary gets Kalinda released and she goes with Alicia to have one of the most awkward car rides ever. Alicia says thank you and you can see the ice start to thaw between them.

When Kalinda needs to go to see the button lady again, Alicia volunteers to go with and the smile on Kalinda’s face when she said that warmed my cold heart. But for now, they still aren’t friends. Alicia’s new friend: Diane. They get drinks at the end of the episode. I’ll take it.

Only in Cook County
At the end of the episode we see Will shooting hoops. Alone. Wendy Scott-Carr has scared away everyone. She goes to Will and wants to talk. He just wants to know why she’s after him. Wendy says she’s not after him…. she’s after Peter. The shock on Will’s face (and mine) is priceless. And I love that twist because it makes Wendy agreeing to do this for Peter make a lot more sense. She just wants Will’s cooperation. And here’s the part that makes Will a good man – he says no. He wants a lawyer and he’ll answer her questions once he has one. In front of a grand jury.

That last bit made me very excited to find out what happens next after the winter break! What a fantastic little twist to this story arc!

What did you all think of the episode? What are you expecting/hoping to see when the show returns?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae