As The Good Wife Season 5 premiere begins, not a moment has gone by since we last left the lawyers of Lockhart/Gardner. And the drama picks right back up where we left off.

Juliana Margulies & Matt Czuchry as Alicia & Cary (photo courtesy of CBS)

Julianna Margulies & Matt Czuchry as Alicia & Cary (photo courtesy of CBS)

Meet the new Will and Diane, everyone.

I know that this whole Alicia and Cary forming Florrick & Agos with the 4th years is only going to lead to a lot of horrible fighting and drama that is going to stress me out, but right now… well right now I’m nothing but smiles because of this—

The New Will & Diane

As Cary and Alicia deal with the struggles of work, they also deal with the struggles of trying to secretly break off and start their own firm. It may be thrilling and exciting, but it is also a crap ton of stress that starts to wear especially on Alicia. First of all, she is a partner in Lockhart/Gardner so that causes all sorts of ethical issues. And then there is her personal connection to both name partners. With Will, well we don’t really need to get into why that is going to be awkward, do we? With Diane, that’s different. Alicia admires her, wants to be her, and loves doing the cases they do together- such as this week’s case-of-the-week, a death row case with a probably innocent man played wonderfully by Malik Yoba. Leaving this part of Lockhart/Gardner is an issue for Alicia because she likes to learn from Will and Diane.

But Cary makes it clear why leaving isn’t such a bad thing – now Alicia and Cary are the new Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski). They will have the late night chats over a tumbler of scotch as they decide what cases to take and what approaches to lead the associates with. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, you guys!! I would happily watch an hour of either Will & Diane or Cary & Alicia sitting in a room drinking and talking. Best show ever. (Dear Michelle and Robert King, please oh please have an episode where the two pairs are opposing counsel but we mostly only see their strategy sessions. Yes? Just for me? Kthanksbye.)

The fall out of this one decision is going to be epic. Everyone is involved in some way, even Peter in the governor’s office who could be seen as influencing the cases/clients that come to Florrick & Agos. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. But I will probably need a tumbler of scotch myself to watch.

Pretty Ladies

The rest of the episode seemed to be about pretty ladies surrounding Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). One was an ethics advisor played by Melissa George who I did not love, but what are you going to do? Eli (Alan Cumming) didn’t like her either, apparently, or at least that she was pretty and basically had constant bedroom eyes flickering in Peter’s direction. Given Peter’s past (with hookers) having a pretty lady around seemed like a bad idea and just handing the press and his opponents fodder. So off they sent her to the transportation department. She wasn’t happy. I bet she will be trouble (duh).

The other pretty lady – Grace. Apparently the one thing that did change in the 10 seconds since the Season 4 finale is that Grace is super duper hot now and Number 4 on some Hot Politican’s Daughters list. Girl gets her hair blown out and suddenly the boys take notice. Poor Zach is horrified by all of it… I think it’s hysterical and hope that somehow this leads to a good Grace storyline. I am an eternal optimist for this show and need to believe that this is a storyline that exists.

Other Stuff

Here’s just a few other things I loved-

-Monica and her iPad robot.

-David Lee’s extreme hatred of Monica and her iPad robot.

-The smiley face we must assume David Lee put on Monica and her iPad robot that Alicia had to awkwardly hold during the partners meeting.

-Alicia asking if the secret parking lot meeting was a West Side Story reenactment.

-Anything with Kalinda and Robin (Who else is really sad that these two will be split up by the firm splitting up?)

-Zach’s face looking at the list.

Check back next week for more love for The Good Wife. I missed this show!!

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