This week’s episode of “The Good Wife” was really all about the ladies. How they work together. How they work against each other. How men can be the deciding factor in their lives. The title may have been “The Art of War” but, I think “The Art of Estrogen” may have been more suitable.

Let’s take a look at what this episode, chock full o’ A+ guest starts, had going for it this week.

I know we’ve all been complaining about the Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and Nick (Marc Warren) story line. And yes, it is a ridiculous story. This week he lost the bid for the trucks, or whatever, and Alicia (Juliana Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) discovered he could end up winning it back. Alicia let Kalinda know, giving her the chance to decide if they let Nick know or not (there was a legal loophole that could keep them from disclosing the information) and Kalinda was basically like “I neeeed him. Like a drug. Help me. I’ve clearly lost my mind and any sort of strength of character.” Perhaps I’ve gone farther than she did. But that is what I took away from it. Point is: this was not the Girl Power!story. I wish it was, though.

So, yes, that is a bit of a frustrating story line. But, and maybe this is just because I’m dealing with my own political fatigue from real life stuff (I hear there is some sort of election tomorrow….), I’ve been kind of wishing we wouldn’t spend so much time on Peter (Chris Noth) and his campaign. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it. It’s interesting, and has given Alicia more to do and has expanded her character from frosty queen, to the lady who just stopped caring. In a fun way. But I’m not loving the anti-girl power in the name of girl power stuff. That said, I kind of saw the Maddie (Maura Tierney) running against Peter thing coming. For two reasons. One – no woman Alicia befriends will ever be good for her, especially if she is only listed as a guest star. Two – they need a physical presence as an opponent to spar with Chris Noth now that Matthew Perry isn’t really available to play Mike Kresteva. Maura Tierney is wonderful and I’m really hopeful that this leads to some great scenes for her and doesn’t turn her character into a frustration.  I don’t necessarily even think she is wrong to run against Peter. Is he the best choice for governor? I do like that aspect of the story – most times we are led to root for whatever character is the “main” character. But is he really the best choice? (I’m not saying yes or no… just posing the question.)

I did like that all of this stemmed from the return of Kristin Chenoweth, if only for this episode, as Bobbie, out to mess with Mandy (Miriam Shor) and get her back for swooping in and scooping her on the Peter had an affair story. Eli (Alan Cumming) sure does know how to manipulate people.

In other girl power moments – the case of the week was enjoyable, if only because the guest cast that was part of the story was amazing. Amanda Peet and Brian Dennehey, plus returning guest stars, Linda Emond and Denis O’Hare, were all very enjoyable and really did excellent jobs. That Josh Charles sure directed the heck out them. (Oh yeah – the reason for very little Will this week is because he was hiding BEHIND the camera. He’s multi-talented.) The story also kept with the girl power theme, as the female military judge did her part to make sure Peet’s character didn’t get bulldozed because she was almost raped.

Thing I kind of loved: they lost the case. Sometimes you get so complacent in shows like this, you forget that they can lose. But in a lot of ways, they won. You know, as far as feminism goes, it was a win. Yay girl power!

My favorite girl storyline though: Jackie (Mary Beth Piel). That’s right, Jackie. Something was just sooo funny in that she needed to be charmed and put in her place by handsome male nurse, Christian (Yul Vazquez), in order to have someone keep an eye on her. And that Alicia was the one to realize it was even better. That Jackie – she’s a little vixen.

As for the whole Hayden (Nathan Lane)/Cary/Diane (Christine Baranski)  story…. I’m glad that Cary has lines and things to do. As for where it is going, well, I’m just going to hold my opinions on that until we get more than a few asides per episode. Hopefully soon.  But, again, any Cary is a good thing. Keep it up writers. I need more Matt Czuchry in my weekly TV viewing.

What did you think of this girl powered episode?

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