I know many of you haven’t been happy with Kalinda’s story line this season with her husband Nick, so I have good news about this episode – No Nick! But if you are looking for a character that’s a thorn in everyone’s side, don’t worry – Jackie’s Back.

Yes, Alicia. Jackie’s back. 

I have to say, this episode was a step in the right direction. It was a breath of fresh air to move away from the Fifty Shades of Crazy that the Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) story line has spiraled into. That, combined with Cary (Matt Czuchry) having honest to goodness lines and ultimately pointing out the winning move in the case to Diane, Will and Alicia was a nice improvement.

The case this week was fun – John Glover played the opposing lawyer in a case about a college freshman water polo player killed during the annual hazing event for the team. The kid’s parents were suing the school for liability because they know the dangerous event happens but do nothing to stop it. Glover’s Jared Andrews constantly changed tactics to keep Diane (Christine Baranski) and Alicia (Juliana Margulies) on their toes, but in the end he weaved right into the angle that eventually took him down.

What was fun was to see Diane get some of her fight back. As Will (Josh Charles) and Diane one by one took a look at what remained of the now empty 27th Floor, a very large and ugly symbol of Lockhart/Gardner’s fall from grace, they realized exactly what they were fighting for. The ability to be on top. To have two floors in the building. To take over other firms. To expand into other cities. Suddenly Diane wanted to Dick Wolf this franchise – Good Wife: NYC. Good Wife: DC. Good Wife: LCF (Louis Canning’s Firm).

But in the mean time, people are, gasp, sharing offices! Including Alicia and Cary, which takes them one step closer to laughing and sharing a scotch. Not the way I planned, but I’ll take it if it gives Czuchry some verbalization on the show. I found it hysterical, though, that neither Alicia or Cary were capable of using “inside voices” while on the phone. Maybe you both could have easier conversations if you didn’t need to yell every single word!

On the campaign side of things, Eli had it up to here with all this “Peter slept with a campaign worker” nonsense. I like how they are playing this story. Every piece of information that Kalinda finds out from the campaign worker with a porn star name, Indira Starr (Liz Holtan), points us in the direction that Peter (Chris Noth) didn’t actually do anything wrong. Alicia never told her they had an open marriage. And then her story about getting to the 15th floor that night in the hotel was debunked by Kalinda when she discovered Indira would have needed a concierge key to get up there.

And yet, I wonder if it is all actually true and this is just a ploy to get us to believe in Peter just like Alicia is. Peter is a shady mofo sometimes, let’s face it. Plus reporter Mandy (Miriam Shor) sure isn’t giving up on it. And neither is this mysterious blogger who called Eli to threaten him at the end of the episode. Plus, Alicia’s new friend, Maddie (Maura Tierney) seems worried through her own sources. What do you guys think? Did Peter sleep with her or not?

Then there is Jackie (Mary Beth Piel) – finally released from the hospital, she hits the campaign trail and immediately starts driving Eli (Alan Cumming) completely insane by saying things like Peter gets accused of hitting on girls because he is good looking. Sigh. Jackie, you so crazy. But really, she may be – she keeps seeing bugs everywhere. Did that stroke do more damage than they realize? Or is she some how having premonitions that Peter and the campaign has been bugged? Perhaps that second suggestion stems from some recent General Hospital story lines, but still… maybe. (Not really…)

Next week the focus is on king pin client, Lemond Bishop. Seems he’s done something (allegedly) very bad. Lockhart/Gardner has often only represented him in legal business matters, so what will they do here?

Were you happy to have Jackie back and Nick gone? Do you also wonder where Alicia’s brother Owen is? I do. All the time. I miss him.

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