I find it somewhat ironic that of all the funny things in The Good Wife episode that deals with a comedian, the least funny thing was the comedian herself. Ah well, it did have a moment I adored, so I’ll take an unfunny comic.

And look at that – Cary! At work! And he had all sorts of lines and feelings! Woo!

I think if I’ve learned anything over the course of this series, it’s to be insanely cautious when Alicia (Juliana Margulies) makes a friend. Because this doesn’t turn out well for her, which probably explains why she doesn’t have many. All of her “pre-Peter having an affair and going to prison” friends jumped ship the moment Peter made his announcement. They are obviously quality girlfriends. Then Alicia goes to work, meets a sassy woman of indiscriminate origin (Accent? No accent? Who knows!) named Kalinda (Archie Panjabi), and then after a couple years of girl talk over tequila finds out that K slept with Peter and never thought “hey I should mention that to his wife that I’ve now befriended.” Then Alicia meets the uber-rich and socially awkward Maddie (Maura Tierney) who mere weeks after their friendship gets going decides to run against Peter (Chris Noth) for governor. Again – yikes.

So you’ll excuse me if I’m a bit torn to find now former-Captain Lauren Hellinger (Amanda Peet) back on the screen, despite my love for Peet (RIP Bent). She and Alicia seem to be forming a nice little friendship. Which is sure to be immediately ruined now that Alicia felt bad for Lauren and her work-finding woes and sent her to Peter to work at the State’s Attorney’s office. Really, Alicia? You send someone who looks like Amanda Peet to go work for your philandering husband? Really?!? Girl, we need to talk. Although I did like Geneva (Renee Goldsberry) getting steamrolled by Peter during the interview because she was clearly not informed that the interview was just for show. I guess we’ll just have to see where that goes. I’m, frankly, nervous.

And Alicia has her own issues to deal with – such as finding out that really really not her BFF, Maddie, is spreading a story that Peter has a birthmark the shape of Brazil on a certain part of his anatomy. I would like to believe this is in honor of sometime guest star Donna Brazile, but I’m not sure she would appreciate that. I did love that Alicia found the whole thing ridiculous. She needed a laugh. But it’s not good that Maddie is working with Indira Starr. This doesn’t bode well for Peter’s campaign. And we haven’t even started dealing with Mike Kresteva – but don’t worry we will! Matthew Perry is coming back! Hurray!

Not making the short list of Alicia’s BFFs, guest star Christina Ricci as Therese Dodd. I’m not sure what to make of this story line. It was kind of useless to me. I think Therese was meant to be a Sarah Silverman-esque comic who was known for being offensive. But unlike Sarah, Therese wasn’t all that funny. Basically, she showed her boobs during the time on TV you aren’t supposed to. But it was in the name of breast cancer awareness and knowing how to perform a self-exam. I found the story to be relatively boring and I never quite understood Ricci’s character, which is a shame because I enjoy her normally.

It did lead to some interesting movement in two story lines though. Mr. Hayden (Nathan Lane) is apparently getting bored at Lockhart/Gardner, or his multiple personalities are kicking into gear. He suddenly tried to sell off the company to sometimes nemesis across the aisle, Burl Preston (F. Murray Abraham). I’m not entirely sure what I was supposed to make of that, except that Diane (Christine Baranski) and Will (Josh Charles) are smarter at making moves sometimes than Clarke. They knew that making it so David Lee (Zach Grenier) wasn’t part of the deal would back Burl off. But other than that… I’m still waiting to figure out where this whole thing is leading to.

But what was great about the case is it took Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) on the road. They went to Washington DC to meet with members of the FCC (a fun crowd!) and while they were there they sat in his hotel room watching TV, having drinks and talking about life. They discussed how they have both changed since they met. Basically, if Alicia has anyone as her BFF right now, it’s Cary. As it should be. They are my favorite pair on the show and I want them to be confidantes and have weekly pow wows over drinks. This was my favorite thing during the episode.

But, I was also glad that Cary had an honest to goodness story line. While in DC he ran into his father, Nestor Agos (John Shea). They had one of those encounters where people around them would have thought perhaps Nestor was Cary’s former professor or employer and then it got weird when he introduced him as his dad. I think Alicia was torn between wanting to run for the hills and hug Cary because she felt bad for him. And it only got worse – after encouragement from Alicia to meet with his dad, Cary did. The breakfast was cut short, but the feeling Cary (and the rest of us) had was that dad was about to share some awful news – like he was dying. Turns out, no. He just wanted Cary to put in a good word for him with Diane because Diane is good friends with some woman Nestor is trying to get a job with. Dude. Uncool. Of course, for some reason I will ALWAYS assume John Shea is at least a little evil because, well, Lex Luthor.

Despite a lackluster main case of the week, I liked the episode a lot. There was great character development and Alicia and Cary fun! But next week looks intense, and was that CARY getting hurt in the previews?? It better not be. I will not stand for that. If he ends up in the hospital I hope Rory is there to call his dad and berate him for not showing up. Wait… I’m getting my characters confused again. Sigh.

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