You know an episode of The Good Wife is going to be fun when it the first two minutes involves the bait and switch of Diane being hit on by a nice Australian gentleman in a museum, only to find out he’s there to serve her papers. But don’t worry kids, you’ll still love him in the end.

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The Good Wife Recap Season 3 “Alienation of Affection”

The Wild Adventures of a Process Server
After Process Server Jack Copeland served Diane, he went and served Alicia at her kids’ school and Will at a wedding. Over the phone Will mentions he thinks this is about the whole Wendy Scott-Carr debacle, but he doesn’t realize that Alicia is in the room as well. Secret blown, dummy! But it’s not about that – it’s about a divorce David Lee (Zach Grenier) handled a couple years ago. In my head I was imaging where David was when the process server caught up with him. And nothing I came up with was as glorious as the truth – he was in a Gilbert and Sullivan production so he was dressed in full costume. Alicia crying because she was trying not to laugh may have been one of my favorite Alicia moments ever on the show. It was perfection – only topped by Will’s face when he comes into the room and stops short upon seeing Captain David Lee. Classic.

As for this suit – the husband in this divorce case, Jake, is suing (with the help of his wife with whom he has since reconciled with) because they claim that Lockhart/Gardner influenced them to get a divorce in order to make money for the firm. They hired big fancy LA lawyer, Burl Preston (F. Murray Abraham) to take on Lockhart/Gardner and his case is fairly solid so the equitable partners are not happy because they will all owe $1.2 million if they lose. Especially angry – Eli who just signed the partner agreement a week ago! But while they are all fighting, in comes Jack Copeland with another item for Diane. Alicia tells him to leave, assuming it’s another summons, but it’s just a poster of the piece she was admiring. Ahhhh. How cute.

But wait, process server gets even hotter than his Australian accent and poster giving – he shows up in the lobby of the building, Diane assumes to see her, but really to serve some other guy. That guy tries to get out of being served so Jack man handles him. We all know how Diane loves a strapping man who shoots guns or beats up people. She practically swooned. I love when Diane chooses to fall for men that are just slightly inappropriate for her to date.

Shaky Memories and Faulty Filing
As David, Diane and Alicia try to dodge all the bullets Preston is throwing at them – just staying on this side of perjury in ways that are both sarcastic (David) and cooly confident (Alicia), Preston throws one mighty blow their way. The company of Jack and April’s that Lockhart/Gardner sold off for them earned Lockhart/Gardner more money than it did April. Not cool, according to April. Thing is, she signed a conflict of interest waiver that would make that completely indifferent to the case. But the waiver isn’t in the hard copy of the file…. or in the database, and Kalinda discovers it was Alicia who filed it.

Alicia, while at first confident, starts to realize that maybe she didn’t attach the waiver to the rest of the file and that it wasn’t signed. As she starts to see her career start to fall away before her eyes, in walks David Lee! With the waiver! Signed by Alicia! Hurray!!! Except when Alicia looks at it she realizes that maybe that waiver isn’t from 2 years ago, but from earlier when David had her sign documents about her kids’ trust funds. Diane says it doesn’t matter since Alicia can’t remember either way, so just go with it. Of course, Preston doesn’t like the timing so he brings in the lawyer whose files the waiver was found in…. Cary flipping Agos.

Alicia is understandably nervous because here is a chance for Cary to completely screw over Alicia and Lockhart/Gardner – something he has shown he is anxious to do many times. But he doesn’t. He says that Alicia and David are good lawyers, and he doesn’t remember either way because that was two years ago. Alicia is surprised and they have a moment at the elevator that is lovely as she thanks him and he tells her how much he likes working for Peter. I yell at the screen: BE FRIENDS AGAIN!!!! Oh how I love those two.

And as for the case – it’s fine thanks to one lovely Australian process server who just happens to tell that pretty lawyer he is crushing on, Diane, that Jake was not alone but not with his wife when he signed those papers for Jack. April is not impressed!

Will Gardner and The Three Lawyers
Will is in need of a lawyer thanks to the whole Wendy Scott Carr thing. Diane says to get one because she is sticking with him no matter what. Adorable. Before we get to Will – just a quick note on how great Diane was at being a mother hen this week. She held Will’s hand through finding a lawyer to handle this. She held Alicia’s hand when she thought she did something that was going to cost the firm millions. And she scolded Eli and David when they were acting like children trying to get the other one to leave the practice. (A silly c-storyline that seemed to just be there to show how funny those two are together) I love her. But anyway… back to Will.

Will’s story played out like Goldilocks. First he went to a lawyer that was very “It’s fine! No big deal! Don’t worry!” about Will facing a grand jury. In other words: too soft. Then he met with Lionel Deerfield (Edward Herrmann – Someone loves Gilmore Girls on this show. Richard, Logan, and one time Emily Gilmore/Kelly Bishop voice was used on the phone!). Lionel basically said, the best I can do is get you 2 years in a minimum security prison and you’ll lose your law licence. In other words: too hard. Then he went to Alica and asked about her lawyer: Elsbeth Tascioni (the perfectly marvelous Carrie Preston). Alicia sends Will her way and warns him not to judge by first impressions.

And it is a good thing he doesn’t judge despite her usual wackiness because as the story goes, she was “just right.” She totally screws with Wendy Scott- Carr and leaks to the press that Wendy is going after 3 of the most honest judges on the bench in Chicago as part of her case. Needless to say all the judges in Chicago are none too happy. But it does lead to one tiny little outcome. One that requires Jack Copeland head back to Lockhart/Gardner to say hi to Diane. And to serve Will once more because he is being indicted. Ruh-Roh.

I can’t wait to see where this goes. And while I have you here, one more thing: even though it wasn’t part of this episode, I’m still wondering if the whole Zach fixing the computers/computers at the firm crashing thing is going somewhere. I have a sneaking suspicion it is leading to something HUGE. Any guesses?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae