Alicia and Will get their fight on…but against each other. Um. n front of a military judge. Yea, not their best move. Diane isn’t pleased. Diane really isn’t pleased, guys. And Eli is peeved, too. Bringing in a box of doughnuts isn’t going to solve these problems. Which is too bad, because sugar can solve a hell of a lot. Don’t believe us? Try it.

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The Good Wife Season 3 Episode Guide
The Good Wife “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” Summary

Tensions are high at Lockhart & Gardner as Alicia and Will argue in front of a mercurial military judge, Eli’s confidence is shaken and Diane issues an ultimatum to protect the firm. WTF. Directed by Rosemary Rodriguez. Written by Robert King & Michelle King & Meredith Averill. Premieres November 20 2011 on CBS. The Good Wife season 3 episode 9.