A new opponent surfaced and brought together the Florrick family in “Pants on Fire.”

matthew perry the good wife

The Kalinda of it All

How much do you love Kalinda? A whole bunch, right? Even down to the little things. It’s not just that she’s good at her job (just like Eli) and can lie convincingly and become an actress on the spot… it’s how her red jacket is awesome, or how she can take a punch (not literally.) Some people worship Eli, or Cary Agos, or Alicia. I will always worship Kalinda for being so good, and so underrated. Archie Panjabi is amazing.

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Will is Beyond the Bar

It’s wrong that it seems like Will is cheating on Alicia, because they broke up. It’s a wicked system.

Alicia on Peter’s Politics

It’s odd that Alicia respects Peter’s politics, because it never seemed like she did until now.

And it looks like Alicia is going to be the one paying (“your wife will regret it”) for his politics again. Does this mean she’s really the weak link?

Peter vs The Wolf (His Mom)

Peter was pretty harsh to Jackie, and a lot was revealed in that scene. He told her she’d never have to worry about money, but we later learned it’s because she “borrowed” it from the kids’ trust funds. But is there anything else there – any reason why Peter knows Jackie will always be financially secure? And is he really so mad about the house because he wants to be an adult with Alicia, or because he so badly wanted to secure Alicia’s support for the race?

Now that Jackie had a stroke….what will happen? Is there any way this stroke was faked? It seems impossible, the hospital wouldn’t let you just have a bed for no reason. Still, could Jackie have gloated any more than she was to Alicia?

Do you think Jackie had a legitimate stroke? Is Peter evil for deciding to run even though it’ll hurt Alicia?