Three¬† possible episode titles, one episode. And I just can’t wait to talk about all of the Santa jokes.

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“Death Row Tip” – “Death Row Trip” – “Here Comes Santa” it seems like the Internet can’t decide what this episode of The Good Wife season 3 was called. Reputable sources are all calling it different things. Have you noticed that? I’ll just call it by all titles and hope for the best, because I’m having a hard time not just pointing out all of the squee-ful moments. (Is it still okay to say “squee” or has that become passe?)

Zac, Maggie and the Computer Excuse

Alicia isn’t going to freak out, and I doubt Peter will, either. Eli is the one who seems nervous about his daughter dating anyone. Especially if it could impact his life. I’m so glad his daughter hasn’t disappeared.

Grandma and the Lingerie

It’s been hard to love Grams, especially when we see her snooping around in things that are none of her business. Do you think she ever got Alicia’s computer turned on? (And wouldn’t Alicia have a password?)

Alicia and the Death Penalty

You’d think that someone who works at a law firm, who has kids, and is over the age of 30 would have a position on the death penalty. Then again, maybe that’s wrong to assume. Working at a law firm means you might be working either side of that fence. It’s also a very complicated issue. Like Alicia, I always feel very strongly against it until someone brings up a hypothetical that involves a close family member. That starts to change how you think about it. Maybe the death penalty shouldn’t even be an option. But when it is, sometimes people want to indulge in that revenge.

Kalinda and Cary. With a side of Dana.

Just because Cary and Kalinda kissed doesn’t mean they’ll do it again. But yea, they probably will. I wouldn’t be surprised if the very straight Dana was impressed and had a bit of a girl crush on Kalinda. But she also likes Cary. And Cary likes them both. And Kalinda, she’s the hardest one to figure out. It’s not that she seems insincere, it’s just that she seems … so much more well guarded than most.

Eli and the Satisfied Santa

Brilliance. Just brilliance.

Will, Alicia and the Blurt

I loved the way he was going to talk to her about some issue later, then just blurted it out as she was at the door.

Memorable Quotes

“He’s getting charged for murdering his girlfriend, what’s important?” “My computer is messing up again.” – Alicia and Eli

“I know a lot of people are nothing until they meet Kalinda.” – Cary to Dana

Grade: A-

Rewatch: Yes, in a season 3 DVD marathon. Or to laugh at the Santa jokes.

React: I gave the grade a minus because something felt a little less than stellar (which is most every episode.) How was it for you?

The Good Wife airs on CBS.