After what feels like a very long  summer we finally know where Alicia and Will stand after a hot elevator ride and an evening in a hotel room.  Also – Alicia got bangs.

Video games and a backwards Swastika

Man, this case was extra twisty. I think the writers were just trying to make sure that all of us who recap their show are paying attention. Sigh. Diane wants a client – Wasim Al-Said (Omar Metwally) – who has lots of money but rudely has been taking his business elsewhere. He takes on a charity case – a Muslim college student who was charged with assault and battery of a Jewish student and wants Lockhart/Gardner to represent the  kid. Alicia does it because her new bangs give her power. The kid says he was in the library and not even near the fight.

Then Cary slips Kalinda a pic of someone driving that kid’s car and running a red light right at the moment of the fight. So Kalinda gives it to Alicia, Alicia convinces the kid to take the alibi even if it isn’t true. So boom – case over, right? No. Cary and Peter (the new, totally honest State’s Attorney. Ahem)  were using Kalinda and Alicia. Whoever was driving that car is guilty of killing some Jewish kid. This whole thing was just a play to get someone pinned for that much larger hate crime murder case that Peter wants to win. Meanwhile, Wasim is using Eli’s brand spanking new biz at Lockhart/Garnder to create an anti-Muslim discrimination campaign. The head of the pro-Israel campaign (Peter Jacobson) is none too happy with his  fellow Jew Eli for doing this. But Eli, smart guy he is, uses this to his advantage. He wants the Jewish campaign so when Wasim, unhappy with how the case is going, rescinds his business, Eli lets him, doesn’t tell the Peter Jacobson’s character, and gets more money out of the Jewish campaign. I smile proudly. Back over at the case, it turns out all of this may have to do with some Israel/Palestinian video game causing issues.

This is where it got very complicated, so I will just say this – the kid charged had two roommates who borrow too much stuff. Including each other’s gamer names. And one was also gay and  killed the Jewish kid because of some fight they had. It was a crime of passion, not hate. Which is why the swastika on the body was drawn backwards – the kid didn’t even know it was the wrong way. Listen – the whole thing was just a way to show how Peter and Cary won’t be playing fair and Peter knows how Alicia works and is willing to screw with her. Sigh…. The law makes me head hurt.

Office Shenanigans

So, for the first half of the episode we saw quite a bit of drama at Lockhart/ Garnder. Kalinda and Alicia were snippy towards each other, but Mama Diane didn’t like that. At all. So she said they better fix it – and it seems they have, as far as work goes. They were almost back to normal… except for no tequila shots after winning the case. (Sad face) Will and Alicia were not doing so well. They had a meeting that Eli spied from his office which ended with Alicia looking downtrodden. Then Alicia had a meeting with Diane and Will which was basically Will calling her awful the entire time. But guess what – it was all just ruse! They are doing it regularly now. Which leads me to a scene which may cause me to blush a bit while writing about! Alicia and Will met at his house and had a conversation while doing the deed about how they fooled everyone. Then there was…. well, it was a scene that rivaled the hotness/steaminess of the Peter/Alicia bathroom scene. Finger biting was involved. Okay… let’s move on. In inter-office shenanigans, we see Sophia is working with Cary and Peter now, and that leads to a lot of three-way flirting/sparring between Sophia, Kalinda and Cary. In fact, Sophia assumes her husband isn’t the real reason Kalinda broke it off with her, but that Kalinda is with Cary. Oh Soph….

Other Stuff

– Grace has a tutor who is…. let’s go with Grace’s word: different. She is almost definitely on the autism spectrum somewhere, but that just makes me like her because I always love those characters. Grace isn’t sure about her at first, but then  the tutor’s dance moves on the El are enough to change her mind. Hmmm. Is this going somewhere?

– Eli tells Peter that there is nothing going on with Alicia and Will (the ruse worked!) because he wants Peter to stay married and run for governor. Peter thinks Eli is adorable.

– Zach still has a girlfriend whose parents want to have dinner with Alicia and Peter. Guess what – no matter what date you pick, Peter is “busy.”

– Alicia may not be friends with Kalinda, but Will still is. And he thinks she needs a friend, or a dog. Kalinda remains mysterious.

The Mirror

Okay – that last scene warrants it’s own little bit of discussion. The kids head out to Peter’s for the night so Alicia has the apartment to herself. She cleans up, puts on some lipstick and looks in the mirror. But she lingers with her reflection a second too long and you can see she starts to question what she is doing. Is she just being selfish? Grace said she seemed happier (with out Peter, but Grace doesn’t know that also means with Will). So, is what she is doing wrong? Then Will (presumably) knocks on the door. What happens now? Of course, maybe I’m reading too much into it and she just started to question whether or not she should have gotten the bangs.

Who else is excited this show is back? I can’t wait to see what Season 3 has in store for us. I know there will be Eli/Kalinda interaction, which will be glorious to behold, I’m sure! Also next week: Eddie Izzard. My favorite! Tell me what you thought of the episode. And the finger biting.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae