With only three episodes left in Season three of The Good Wife (I know! I’m crying too!) CBS recently released a one minute promo taking a look at the final turns the season is going to take.

the good wife poster

The Good Wife season 3 Photo: CBS

We still have to wait until April 15th for a new episode, which seems like forever but I thought in the meantime we can watch this promo oh, say, about 2864 times.

Here’s the promo. Take a gander and then we’ll discuss.

So there are three major things I take away from this promo…

Jackie Will Never Die
When we last saw Peter and Alicia together she said she was off to buy a gun with which to kill Jackie. Then Alicia confronted Jackie at her salon and the episode ended before we could see the Battle Royale between the two Florrick Women. I kind of hoped Alicia actually shot her. And in this promo we see Peter sitting vigil by Jackie’s hospital bed. Now, Alicia is still walking free and drinking in bars during the rest of the promo, so it’s probably safe to assume no gun play was actually involved. Though there may have been a verbal-berating-induced heart attack-type thing. But I kind of think Jackie and her headbands are going to outlive us all. I would be surprised if they actually killed her. But hey – that would be GREAT for Peter’s campaign if she did die. Voters love a good sob story.

How Could You, Miss Chanandler Bong?!
I love Matthew Perry. And I do admit that sometimes I forget he is not, in fact, Chandler Bing. So much so, that when looking up Matthew Perry on imdb to find the correct spelling of his character’s name on this show, I started to type in “Chandler Bing.” Sigh.) But even when he is just being Matthew Perry I love him. But I do not love his character on here. I should rephrase that. I love Matthew Perry on here. I find his character, Mike Kresteva, to be a special kind of evil. I mean, sure, I get not wanting Peter Florrick to run for Governor. The guy, despite all of his charms, can be a bit skeevy. But to threaten to go after Peter’s family? And especially Alicia? Not cool, dude. Not cool. (Could he be any more evil? Sorry. Couldn’t resist) But love that that scene is on an elevator. This show is starting to make use of elevators so much I’m wondering if Shonda Rhimes took over as showrunner.

Hallelujah, he’s back
I…. I don’t think I’m going to be able to properly express how excited I was when Cary and Alicia (and some nameless other associates) were at the bar toasting Cary’s return to Lockhart/Gardner. I have said this is where I thought Cary’s storyline was going. The combination of Caitlin’s sudden departure and Cary’s sudden demotion could only mean one thing. That the amazing Cary Agos is back where he belongs – being best buds with Alicia and flirting with Kalinda. And how about Kalinda’s face as she watched the toast between her two on again/off again BFFs? Listen – I have never been shy about my love Matt Czuchry and I thought since he moved to the State’s Attorney’s office he’s been underutilized, so I think you all know exactly how I feel about this change of events. Yes, there was screaming and clapping and maybe a few tears of joy. I’m overinvested, okay? Let’s move on.

These last few episodes seems to be jam-packed with the drama. And it looked like maybe Kalinda and Alicia were moving further in the right direction towards friendship. I’d like to point out one aspect that was completely ignored in the promo – Will/Alicia. Honestly, I’d be okay if we didn’t go too much into their non-relationship again til season 4. There was almost no Will at all in the promo, which I find interesting and a tad bit suspicious….

What are you most excited for in the last three episodes? I’ll see you back here in a little less than two weeks for the first of my final 3 recaps for this season of The Good Wife!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae