This season of The Good Wife may be over, but we have lots to discuss over the long summer break thanks to the season finale, “The Dream Team.”

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But in a funny twist, the reason we have so much to talk about is because very little actually happened in this episode. It took every story right to the edge and let it sit there so we could mull over where the entire season led us until this point.

For Cary (Matt Czuchry) – it’s just a matter of how he is going to fit in now that he is back at Lockhart/Gardner. He sits in the open space at a table while Alicia sits in her posh office because she is liaison to Eli. She says it will go away when the campaign goes full force, but will it? We all know she is everyone’s favorite third year.

For the firm itself, and in turn Diane (Christine Baranski) and Will (Josh Charles), things are a lot more precarious thanks to the dynamic(ly evil) duo of Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning (Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox who clearly relish playing this characters and even more so now that they are playing them side by side). The two sue Lockhart/Gardner for judicial bribery – the judge on a case L/G just won gave a settlement much higher than expected and was one of Will’s Wednesday Basketball Game judges. They take this to another, impartial judge, Judge Linden (Mark Linn-Baker – I spent the entire hour thinking about Perfect Strangers. Laaaarry!) where things, per usual go awry. Patti and Louis try to bring in testimony from the Will’s Grand Jury using Andrew Wiley (Tim Guinee) but that doesn’t work.

Then they try to use Alicia and Peter against Will, saying that Peter was having meetings with the supposedly bribed judge to make sure he gave Alicia’s firm a big payout. But Peter dropped the bomb, into public record, that he and Alicia were separated. I would like a poster of Louis and Patti’s faces when he said it. It was full on jaw to the floor reactions. Classic. But all of this, and I mean the whole darn judicial bribery case was just a distraction – Patti and Louis didn’t care if they won. All the wanted was to take away Lockhart/Gardner’s big, and now currently being neglected, client. And they did. Which leaves the firm in a lot of trouble as they are pretty much broke.

Meanwhile, Jackie is having issues of her own as she is clearly losing her mind. She was seeing things on the television – like old gangster movies with lots of shooting. And she was very confused. Is Jackie losing her mind for real? But for now she signed over the house and Peter plans on selling it after he does some work on it.

Speaking of, Peter and Alicia end the season on a very good note. Almost too good, because I don’t want them to get back together. But he is taking care of the house. Not using the kids. Was willing to cause some damage to his campaign by saying he was separated from Alicia. So at the end, Alicia is about to go back to her place and is left to think about whether she wants to, or just wants to stay in the house with her still-husband and kids. Run Alicia, Run!

And then there is Kalinda. Alicia found an uncashed check of made out to Cash in Kalinda’s file and called the number for a reissue. But the man on the other line was more than a little scary. He seemed very excited to get a call about that check and even though Alicia evaded the questions, he still called her back for more info. When Kalinda found out, she got her “I’m very upset by this but I will remain mysterious and not say anything” face. Then she went and bought a sledgehammer to get the guns and money she keeps in her wall and went to go on the run, as you do. Oh Kalinda! Don’t leave us! If you aren’t around to model an endless line of awesome leather jackets, how will I be inspired to get one? But she doesn’t leave. Why? Because Alicia gets a call on her home phone from the guy. Without ever having given her name he knows who she is. Scaaary. Kalinda ends the season sitting in wait for her husband to show, loaded gun in hand. And we see her doorway darken as Kalinda’s last moment. I’m VERY nervous.

But all of that means nothing to me compared to the one scene that is my favorite bit on television this season. And probably top 5 of all time.

Peter and Will get in an elevator, which Will nearly breaks trying to get it to move so the awkwardness would end. They have a conversation that screams “Dear God this is the last person I want to be in an elevator with.” But when they finally get there and the doors open the awkwardness doesn’t end, it just gets better because who is standing there? Alicia! Their faces say “Yes, this elevator ride was awful” and her response of “Well… Hi” is the very eloquent way of saying “Oh crap.” Then Eli comes up, phone in face, and misses what is happening. But Will doesn’t want him to miss out on the fun so he says “Hello, Eli.” Eli turns around, sees the three standing together and it is like he can see Peter’s gubernatorial chances  literally burst into flames. They look at him with the same “Yes, this is all very awkward” faces and he says “Hi…. well, hello everyone” which, like Alicia’s greeting, means “Oh crap.”

Think that’s enough awkward? No… let’s add one more into the mix! Cary comes up with a box of his stuff and then sees his former boss standing with his colleague and current boss who is also his now ex-former boss (Don’t worry I barely followed that either). He circles around the whole “I love it here, I loved it there too” moment. Then, just to break it up, Patti’s little girl walks buy in her Fisher Price walker, with classic baby music just to set the tone to “Completely Bizzare.” Will refers to her as one of their new associates.

But it’s not over yet. DING. The elevator doors open and Kalinda is standing there. Her look says “Oh sweet Jesus, don’t make me get off the elevator.” But Eli welcomes her by saying “It’s a surprise party for you.” For the attendees – worst surprise party ever. But for those of us at home – BEST. EVER.

I may have lots of questions over the summer. Did Alicia and Will’s moment give at the end of the episode give them hope? Will Peter ruin any chances of that? How will Diane and Will save the team? Will Cary ever fit back in? Who will play Kalinda’s husband? How much damage will he cause? But frankly, I will just relish watching that scene over and over and just let the awkwardness wash over me.

What are your hopes for season 4? Who do you want to play the mysterious ex-husband?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae