For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with The Good Wife. I have dreams about it. I worry about what is going to happen to all of them when the show is on hiatus. It is one of my favorite shows on television. So, yes, I almost jumped on the UPS man when he delivered a copy of Season 3 for me to take a gander at and review for all of you. I did not look calm and collected like this gorgeous pic of Juliana Margulies that graces the cover.

But really, who does? Check out my thoughts on the DVD after the jump…

With still a month to go until the Season 4 premiere, I was happy to relive some of my favorite moments. I’ll get to the best one in a bit. But for now, I’ll let you all know about the parts you haven’t seen – The Special Features. Each disc has something, if only some Deleted Scenes, which is nice. Not all of the deleted scenes offer too much more to the episodes (hence, they were deleted), but some of them were a lot of fun. And really, there is never enough of these characters. Especially any that include Alan Cumming being smarmy and funny as Eli, Matt Czuchry being, well, adorable, as Cary or Josh Charles playing the guitar as Will. Although after watching them, I’d describe most of them as “extended” scenes, not deleted, since most were scenes that were in the episode with just a little bit of extra footage.

I will say, on a more serious note, one of the deleted scenes was from the episode “After the Fall” which focused on a documentary filmmaker who set up cameras on a bridge where people often (relatively) jumped and committed suicide. It was almost impossible to watch. I don’t know when I will watch that episode again, it was hard enough the first time for my own personal reasons. But given the news of Tony Scott, an executive produce on the show… let’s just say I’m sure most of the people associated with the show will think it hits too close to home for quite some time.

But enough of that. Let’s get to the features…

The Good Wife: A New Beginning

This is a basic behind the scenes of the show that takes a look at each of the main cast and how their characters have grown and changed going into season 3. It originally aired as a special on CBS prior to season 3 starting.

Here’s what we learn: Alicia is feisty and darker. Diane (Christine Baranski) is stressed the heck out. Will (Josh Charles) is in trouble and in love with Alicia. Relationships are more complicated than ever. You know… the basics. I’m not going to pretend that there are any profound revelations in this 20 minute feature, because, is there ever in a feature like this? But I still enjoyed it for one simple reason – I adore the actors on this show. Not just the characters, but every actor on here has been one whose work I’ve enjoyed for some time, besides Archie Panjabi, who was new to me when the series started. But I still love her. However, Margulies, Charles, Baranski, Cumming, Czuchry, Chris Noth – loved them all for years. They are all smart actors who clearly enjoy their job and take the craft of playing these complicated people very seriously. I find comfort in watching them explain that to us. It’s always a little nicer to know the actors are taking it seriously, isn’t it?

Oh and the big bonus for me – Alan Cumming using his real Scottish accent. Oh, how I love to hear it. It makes it clear just how brilliant he is at the fake American accent he puts on as Eli.

Sexual Harassment Video

That’s right, kids. That horrifically awkward video that the lawyers at Lockhart/Gardner (including Will & Alicia who were sitting next to each other) were forced to watch is one of the special features. It’s only about a minute long, but goodness, that is long enough. The best part is the narration that discusses an employee sleeping with her boss. Hmmm…. that sounds vaguely familiar….

A Bi-Costal Affair

Being interested in the process of making a television show, I found this short feature to be quite fascinating. For those who don’t know, while the show is set in Chicago, it is filmed in New York. However, the writing and post-production is all done in Los Angeles. These two groups make up an extraordinary crew that have to work together long-distance to make this show – one of the only network drama series that still gets acknowledged come awards season. It’s a pretty complicated task, made slightly easier through the use of Skype and other telecommuting software. It also shows just how specific the process is – they work together to come up with every small detail. I love it.

Fun bonus: Creator and Executive Producer, Robert King, refers to Juliana Margulies as “Jules” in the meetings. How cute is that?

Research & Development

This show take a lot of real world events and puts them in the fictional world of Alicia Florrick. Just like many other law-based series, the cases are ripped from the headlines and the procedures and methods of the lawyers and politicians are based on real life. To make it seem as true as possible, there is an entire team of people that work to make these stories work not only in a realistic sense, but within the fictional narrative as well. This 15 minute short focuses on that process in relation to the episode, “Blue Ribbon Panel” which introduced us to guest star Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva.

We get footage of the writer’s meeting as they break down each scene and try to figure out the logistics. For instance, did Mike Kresteva set this whole thing up so Alicia would be on the panel? How do they make that clear? It’s another case of realizing just how much goes into even the smallest scene on this show. It is also a reminder of just how completely awful Mike is and how perfectly amazing Matthew Perry is in the role. I hope even if his new show takes off, he makes time to come back here.

Alicia Florrick at a Crossroads

This feature acts as a bookend to the first feature, A New Beginning. At this point, the viewer is meant to have seen the entire season, thinking back on what it all means and looking for what is to come in Season 4. After finishing watching the season, it was nice to go back and see the actors and creators, Robert and Michelle King, explain some of the actions and go into some of the deeper meanings behind them.

I really felt that a lot of this season was about Diane: The Mother Figure, so I was excited that a portion was focused on her character’s issues with Will/Alicia and taking over when Will is suspended. Also, there is a focus on the Alicia/Louis relationship which is so nuanced and lovely and, frankly, messed up.

On the other hand, I have to watch Will and Alicia break up again. It breaks my heart every time. I know people are torn on that relationship. But I love it unabashedly, so seeing it all over again with a bit of insight from the actors was simultaneously wonderful and awful.

This is a great feature for people that love the show and just can’t get enough of it. Plus you find out what Alan Cumming calls Amy Sedaris and Parker Posey when he has to work with both of them. It’s not nice, in the best way possible.

But the excitement of getting this DVD wasn’t just the special features. For those of you who read my reviews last season you will know there is one scene that I loved above all others. Not just on The Good Wife but on all television shows last season. It was in the finale, The Dream Team. In that review I went on and on about the scene which starts with Will and Peter on an elevator and ends with Kalinda getting off an elevator and finding the awkward group of Peter, Will, Alicia, Cary and Eli standing there for the best surprise party ever. Honestly, I would have thought about buying this DVD set just for the ability to throw that on anytime I wanted. But the rest of the stuff makes it worth it too…

The Good Wife Season 3 is available on DVD September 4th.

The Good Wife Season 4 premiere on CBS Sunday, September 30th at 9pm. 

DVD provided courtesy of CBS.

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