I was tempted to do my entire review of The Good Wife in French this week just to be a pain in the butt like the athletic review board people. But I love my readers, and since the theme of a good portion of the episode, “Je Ne Sais What?” was “Bah! The French!” I figured best to keep it in English. Also, that would have driven me nuts to do.

Instead let’s focus on the beautiful lady above, as she was the one thing that really mattered this week.

“I don’t know how I know half the things I know.”

It’s quotes like that which make Elsbeth Tascioni (Carrie Preston) not just a favorite guest star on this show for the audience, but a favorite person for the characters on the show. She is quirky and maybe, according to her psych eval on tonight’s episode, just a little bit crazy, but she is one of the smartest and goodhearted people the lawyers of Lockhart/Gardner have ever come across. Which is why watching them all, one by one, give up their weekend to help her out was a charming way for all of us to spend an hour on Sunday night.

While Peter (Chris Noth) is dealing with being labeled as a racist, much to Eli (Alan Cumming) and Jordan’s (T.R. Knight) dismay, he still took time out to at least think about helping Elsbeth. Points for Peter. Too bad Maddie (Maura Tierney) is going to rip him to shreds in the election, it seems.

But as for Elsbeth… in order to beat her in court, her opposing counsel stoops to having her arrested. It’s all very shady, but when she calls Alicia (Juliana Margulies), she drops everything (actually just breakfast with her kids… so….) to come help her out. And while Alicia is helping Elsbeth, she pulls in Will to help Elsbeth’s client, a runner accused of doping and is now being told she can’t race and won’t be receiving sponsorship money. While the case itself was interesting and the international panel who continuously spoke in French, possibly just to make Will (Josh Charles) get his angry face, was hysterical, what was great was how everyone fell in line for Elsbeth. Will tried to tell Alicia he was busy and couldn’t help her, until she said “It’s Elsbeth Tascioni.” Suddenly he was at the courthouse in no time. Then when he needed help with the French, he called Diane (Christine Baranski) who was ready to head to the spa. But at Elsbeth’s name, she dropped her inevitably wonderful and expensive spa day to go help out. It was kind of beautiful, no?

Of course Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) got in on the action too. Her face as she spoke to Elsbeth and found a bit of a kindred spirit because Elsbeth, like Kalinda, is a bit of a mystery to everyone around her, was just splendid. But then the international panel saw Kalinda in all her leather, and I forgot the sincerity of the scene before and just laughed at their faces.

Naturally, Elsbeth helped not only save herself but save the runner and everything was okay. As Elsbeth runs in at the last minute to save the day, she hugs Will and the oh, so elegant Diane and says “I’ve just been so moved by you guys doing this.” So was I. And looks like she won’t be going anywhere, since Eli, in desperate need of a non-Lockhart/Gardner lawyer as he is being investigated, turns to Elsbeth for help. Say it with me: YAY!

Sure, this episode basically ignored all of the Lockhart/Gardner issues we’ve been building up, and for the love of all that is holy, where the heck was Cary (Matt Czuchry)?! But, to be honest, my love for Elsbeth trumped all.  Just like it did for everyone else.  (She is Rambo, after all!) I think it said a lot about the characters on this show. They are strange and real and so entrancing that you can’t help but fall in love with them. This episode was a nice reminder of that.

Were you happy to see Elsbeth again and excited that she’ll be sticking around for Eli?

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