Last week, Alicia seemed to have a moment of doubt about her new clandestine relationship with Will. Apparently the doubts have faded for now, because those two are still obviously together. And we have a new couple to worship, this time of the non-finger biting variety: Kalinda and Eli. Oh, this episode was fun!

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The Good Wife Recap – The Death Zone

Brits vs Yanks

The case this week was a relatively simple one. A mountain climber, Danny Lambros (Michael Aronov), wrote a book in which he claimed that wealthy British businessman, Oliver Cardiff (John Doman), not only left behind Danny’s dying brother while climbing Kilimanjaro but also took his oxygen tank while stepping over him. Harsh, dude. Very harsh. The cold open shows Alicia winning the libel suit quite easily in American court, where all you have to do is show it can’t be proven that Danny is lying.

Man, we do make that easy, don’t we? But then immediately, Cardiff comes in with a British Barrister, James Thrush (the genius that is Eddie Izzard) and sues Lambros in British courts – even if that book isn’t sold in the UK, you can buy it on Amazon. Damn the interwebs! In this case, Danny has to prove he was telling the truth – sigh, so much harder. Lockhart/Garnder hires a solicitor (not a Barrister, thankyouverymuch), Timothy Ash “There is no O’” Brannon (Simon Delaney). He’s a bit of a nervous fellow that likes to make anagrams out of people’s names. The best was his anagram for Thrush, upon discovering Thrush isn’t the nicest fellow: Jams her Tush. I laugh forever. Eddie probably loved that.

Anywho, the British judge didn’t like the Yanks too much – still really upset about that Revolution, I guess – and often sided with Thrush and Cardiff. But eventually, as always, Alicia used her smarts to outwit Thrush. There was another book written about Cardiff doing a similar thing to a Japanese guy, but thanks to a British ruling, they couldn’t acknowledge that book existed unless somehow it became public fodder. So Alicia used Eli and his internet trolls to get tweeting about it, making it public, and then got Cardiff to admit he did it. (Twitter wins the day!) So now, the book serves as a warning and Lambros wins. Huzzah! I have to say, I LOVED Eddie in this, especially his one on one with Josh Charles. I just wish there was more of him. Lots more. And side note: if you don’t know Eddie Izzard, maybe except for his short lived series, The Riches, please seek out his comedy specials. Specifically Dress to Kill. Even ignoring Eddie (I can’t!)  I really liked this case if only because it was easy to follow. Also, any case with Alicia and Will barely touching hands as a “we win!” moment is a winner for me. Seriously: H.O.T.

Eli Gold, meet Kalinda Sharma

Dude. These two together equals world domination, am I right or am I right? I’m right. Anyway, Eli is approached by Mickey Gunn (Michael Kelly), a campaign manager, who wants Eli to pitch to him how to deal with a PR scandal. Only problem: Mickey isn’t telling him who the scandal is about or what the scandal might be. Eli doesn’t like that, or that Mickey took his shoes off in Eli’s office for no apparent reason, so he makes use of the Lockhart/Gardner investigator to figure out what the scandal is. And thus, a wonderful friendship is born.

Kalinda first is duped into believing that Mickey is repping some guy doing his nanny. But really, what politician isn’t doing the nanny/intern/hooker, as is so lovingly pointed out. But Mickey tells them that, nope, not that guy. So forget it. Eli asks for one more chance, and Kalinda, unhappy to be a made a fool of and being the awesome girl she is, realizes they don’t know who Mickey is representing because it isn’t a Democrat – he’s flipped and gone to a Republican presidential candidate. Snap!

So, they get one more meeting with Mickey, tell him they’ve figured it out, and convince Mickey they are in. They don’t say which Republican it is (Kalinda holds up a picture we only see from behind) but it’s someone Eli doesn’t think is that bad. Now I want to know! These two together are going to be quite the force and everyone else better watch out. And how long til he figures out that Kalinda is the reason that Peter and Alicia are separated?? Because he already thinks she looks familiar. I hope he has a crying down the hallway moment like Alicia did.

Nervous Diane

Diane is brought in to the State’s attorney to interview to be their outside council – when the city gets sued (any local government agency – cops, fire department, etc) they need someone to represent them. Lockhart/Gardner is on the short list. Of course, this worries Diane because of Eli and Alicia working with them. She goes and has a meeting with Peter and Cary. Will won’t go because, well, AWKWARD!

The meeting is filled with fake laughter and vague threats – Peter wants to audit L/G before hiring them. He says it’s about their relationship with Bishop (he was a player last season – a big mobster in Chicago, whose legit dealings L/G represent), but Diane feels it is about Alicia. Especially when she finds out that Peter isn’t auditing the other two firms on the short list. She asks Will if Peter and Alicia are split up, and he evades the question. So she goes to Alicia’s apartment, pretending to look for Peter, but obviously just proving to herself that he isn’t there. The two talk and she explains the audit to Alicia. While Alicia never says they are separated, she does tell Diane she wouldn’t allow the audit. So now Diane is more than a little worried that Alicia is going to become a liability, and makes Will agree that if she does become one, she’s out. Boooo. This makes me nervous, but if she doesn’t work there, do we have a show?

My favorite things:

– Apparently Will is into role playing and this Brit vs Yanks thing turns him on. So Alicia offers to dress up for him. I then pictured her in some sort of Betsy Ross outfit. Or maybe a first lady Abigail Adams or Dolley Madison get up with the white wig going on. I giggled. A lot. Also I enjoy Will a little bit more now…

– Diane on all the Brits in the office: “It classes up the joint.” I may be a little upset she wants to get rid of Alicia (though I get it….) but man, she is a riot!

– Eli and Kalinda. Seriously – these two!

– Zach being worried he is like his father. I did not like the kids the first two seasons (That’s an understatement) but I actually am liking them this year. They seem to realize their mother isn’t out to ruin their lives by separating from Peter and that Peter is just maybe not the best guy around.

– Alicia forcing her son to hug her after he is worried about being like Peter. “Just let it happen.” (I am so sad I’m going to have to force my son to hug me one day….)

What did you think of the episode? Did you love the British flare? The fake laughter from Cary and Diane in that meeting? The Kalinda/Eli alliance? Hit the comments and let me know.

Next week: Lisa Edlestein arrives on scene! Also, Owen is back!!!!!!! Yes, that deserved that many exclamation points. Owen is my faaaavorite.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae