This week The Good Wife asked the question, “Are you a Martha or a Caitlin?” This didn’t make sense until the last ten minutes or so, but once they got there I was just a little bit more in love with Will. And so was Alicia, by the looks of it.

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"Marthas and Caitlins"--When their separate lawsuits against an aviation company are joined, Alicia (Julianna Margulies, left) and Celeste (guest star Lisa Edelstein) find that they actually work well together, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday, Oct. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Good Wife Recap “Marthas and Caitlins”

Dancing Tutors
When Peter discovers his daughter is in a bunch of truly bizarre videos making their way across the interwebs, he is not impressed. The man wants to be Governor someday! He says he will take care of it, but Alicia doesn’t think he will be very tactful so she says she will take care of it. She meets Tutor Jennifer and it is… well, it’s awkward. As all dealings with Jennifer seem to be. Alicia asks what the point of the videos are and Jennifer says to put them on the internet. There is an obvious miscommunication amongst generations at this table. Alicia puts the kibosh on non-tutoring activities, which Jennifer seems upset about.

But not nearly as upset as Grace is when she asks Alicia why she said something to Jennifer. Grace has no friends except Jennifer (sad face) and is mad that her mom put a stop to it. Alicia tries to get Grace to see that a 22 year old wanting to hang out with a 14 year old is kinda odd, but to no avail. Grace even tries to use the “but I have working mom” sob story. I LOVE Alicia immediately stops that nonsense. And once again I’m left wondering where in the world this story line is leading.

Eli’s Separation Anxiety
For those who don’t follow politics, or, and I hate to say this, are too young to have paid attention when this happened, when Barack Obama was chosen to give the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, it was the jumping off point for his incredibly quick road to the White House. So guess who Eli wants to give the Keynote at this year’s DNC? Stop your guessing, it’s Peter. But Frank with the DCCC has another guy in mind – cue Eli asking for Kalinda’s help in taking that poor unsuspecting fool down. And she does (the guy’s wife gave money to the Defense of Marriage Act) but when he tells her this is for Peter, she quickly refuses any more of her services. Peter says he doesn’t know why when Eli asks. Really Peter? You tell Zach but not Eli?

Anywhooo… Eli goes to see Donna Brazile (not a Donna Brazile-esque person, but actually her playing herself) who says that Peter is a risk for Gov not because of the jail time but his marriage. As we’ve hammered home repeatedly, Alicia is key. So Eli guarantees that they will still be together. Oh Eli…. You are going to be so upset. Wait til you hear that Peter can go after Alicia for spousal support! Not the actions of a future Governor!

The Return of Colin Sweeney
The case this week involves a plane crash. The families of the crew and passengers claim there was something wrong with the plane, the airline (plane company? It doesn’t really matter, does it?) says it was pilot error. But Alicia and Celeste have an ace in the pocket – a whistleblower. Too bad the guy kills himself in the cold open. And leaves a note that says “it’s all a lie.” The corporations lawyer (Aaron Staton – Ken Cosgrove on Mad Men) says the letter meant his accusations about the plane having deicing problems that the company new about. Alicia says it is about the 16 year old his wife found out he was sleeping with. That guy sounds like he was a class act. Either way the recorded testimony is out. Although I adore David Conrad as the judge who is just annoyed with the bickering. He was grossly underused in this episode.

Plan B – get testimony from whoever was BCC’d on the email about the deicing problem. Problem is, that person is former investor in the company, Colin Sweeney (the perfectly creepy Dylan Baker). Alicia is sent in, with Celeste in tow, to secure Colin’s testimony since Colin likes her. (She’s Clarice, Celeste says. Seriously, that woman is such a pain.) But things with Colin are never easy. He agrees because Alicia says she will start to like him if he testifies and then starts to waiver during testimony. He wants out of prison in exchange. They take it to Cary – the AUSA says no. But then Cary plays a big card. They agree, IF Colin wears a wire and gets a confession from Donny – the most dangerous man in prison who is arranging murders from inside. It is so creepy watching how easily he gets the confession…. by asking Donny to put out a hit on Colin’s former VP who stabbed him in the back. But it works, Colin provides testimony and gives Alicia another one of his signature creepy smiles. I. Love. It.

Martha or Caitlin
David Lee and Will task Alicia with picking a new first year hire that she will mentor. Alicia is excited and narrows it down to two candidates – the sweet, quiet and very smart Martha and the sweet, sassy and not quite as smart (but still smart) Caitlin (Anna Camp). Alicia wants to choose Martha, but then David comes and tells her that Caitlin is his niece. No nepotism, of course, but you know…. she’s his niece. Not one to take the hint, Alicia still goes to hire her first choice, Martha. Then David comes in and verbally attacks her for crossing him when she is just a useless 3rd year with no real power. Of course, he does this in front of Celeste, who then takes her out for drinks.

Celeste tells her that Will is going to hurt her somehow. And that she wants to steal him from Alicia. Really?? REALLY?! I love Lisa Edlestein, but her character drives me insane. Anyway, none of it works. You know, because Alicia loves Will. The next day, Alicia meets with Martha who is upset because the hiring board told her she didn’t get the job. Then in walks Caitlin, the new hire! The board out-voted her. David told Caitlin is was all Alicia though, she will be her mentor after all.

Alicia goes to see Will and is pissed! He basically says that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, in a less awful cliche sort of way. But then she gets really upset when she finds out that Will voted for Caitlin. Until he tells her why. See, there is always a Martha and a Caitlin up for the job. One that looks better on paper and one that just has that spark. When Alicia was up for the job, Alicia was the Caitlin, and Will pushed David to vote for her anyway (Because he looooves her) and now he owed David a vote. So, you never know when a Caitlin will turn out to be the right choice. Awwww. Then there was a weird look between Celeste and Alicia. But this was Celeste’s last episode, so I’m not sure what to make of that.

What did everyone think? I thought Dylan Baker was wonderful once again. And while I thought the Caitlin/Martha thing was odd at first, the payoff was so worth it in the end. Especially if it means more Anna Camp on a recurring basis! I adore her.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae