After an agonizing three weeks, we finally got to see how Alicia reacted to the news that Peter and Kalinda slept together. Hint: She was not thrilled.

the good wife in sickness

I found this episode especially interesting because, while it was exceptional as always, it seemed to be more of a placeholder, just setting up the final two episodes which I’m sure will be explosive. But not literally, because this is The Good Wife, not Chuck.

Case(s) of the Week:

This week’s case involved a former rocker chic who was bumped from her place in line on the liver transplant list just as a organ match became available. Marjorie (Marin Ireland) is a single mom to a 5 year old boy and is desperate to get the liver, even if it doesn’t give her that much longer, as indicated by her doctor. Lockhart/Gardner is on the case, and arguing on behalf of the hospital is Patty Nyholm (the always fantastic, Martha Plimpton). Alicia is on the warpath (we’ll get to that in a bit) and even Patty is impressed with how hard she is fighting for her client. The hospital wants to take time to develop the case, but Alicia points out that the donor organ will only be viable for a certain amount of time, and taking time in not an option. However when the hospital administrator doesn’t show up for his testimony because he is on an emergency, they take a break. And apparently that break gave Patty’s lawfirm enough time to fire her. So she decides she wants to hire Will to sue them because she claims they did it because she was pregnant. Again.

Will: Are you attempting to populate a small island?

Will is unsure, but Patty points out that she knows all the information on the transplant case. And the class action suit Lockhart/Gardner is also bringing on the hospital for over-testing patients in order to charge them for it. While she can’t just give them the information outright – that is highly illegal – she could accidentally slip, you know, because of the hormones. So now there are three cases going on – Marjorie v Hospital, Class Action suit against hospital, and Patty v her old law firm. Try to keep up! I dare you! Meanwhile, Kalinda discovers with the help of a nurse that a new liver recipient just showed up at the hospital – and he just recently made a large donation to the hospital. Like $600,000 big. Todd Roda (Aaron Staton aka Ken Cosgrove on Mad Men) and Jared Andrews (John Glover – apparently he plays some guy named Luthor on a show called Smallville) are now the lawyers for the case. When that doesn’t work out (donor lists are anonymous so there is no way to prove they fixed it) they discover, again with the help of Patty and the nurse, that Marjorie’s doctor is notorious for over-scanning. Excited to get a jump on their other case, Alicia tries to use that in this one, but the hospital admin points out it has nothing to help Marjorie. Ah well…. Meanwhile, Will and Patty are fighting the good fight. Patty is asking for 8.6 million. Her law firm is offering 50 grand. Ouch. They claim she uses the baby and her hormones as excuses. But the arbitrator in charge of the case doesn’t seem to mind because Patty brings her baby girl to the meetings – and darn if she isn’t adorable.

Alicia, determined to help Marjorie, continues to try to find an angle to help this case. And she does in the form of Marjorie’s tattoos. Turns out Lawton does ask for a lot of extra scans – on women who have tattoos and piercings and have lived a certain sort of lifestyle. Doctor Lawton’s “mc-nickname” over on Grey’s Anatomy would be McJudgey. So the hospital administrator, realizing he probably just lost both cases, agrees to have a new and less judgmental doctor take a look at the scans and see if Marjorie can be put back on the donor list. Now as for Patty and the Class action suit…. Patty is now back with her old firm and full of Lockhart/Gardner inside info about the suit. Well played, Patty, you sly pregnant lady, you. Best part: Will loves her for it. He enjoys a good bamboozle, even if it is on him!

Cunning Cary

So… realizing that the bottom is going to fall out on the Alicia/Peter marriage, Cary is rightfully worried abou his position for the State’s Attorney’s office. He asks Kalinda to put in a good word for him with Will, which she does. Diane and Will tell him he is welcome back – as a second year, not a third year. He’ll have all the perks and money of a third year, but with the lesser title. As Cary points out, the title is more than just a title. It determines how everyone in the office views you. And while Cary and Alicia are playing nice again, he apparently hasn’t let go enough to want to be seen as lower than her at work. Dear Cary – please let it go! Before making a decision, Cary goes to Peter who is in a not so great place since he and Alicia just had a bit of a fight (more on that soon). At first Peter tries to dismiss Cary, but when Cary tells him he doesn’t want the fact that he has a relationship with Alicia from Lockhart/Gardner to get in the way, suddenly Peter perks up. Inside info on his wife? Sounds good! I can’t explain how nervous that alliance makes me. If only because I so love Cary, and I so do not love Peter. Sigh…

Alicia is Woman, Hear Her Roar

The episode started a few minutes before where we left off three weeks ago. That’s right. They made us watch Alicia’s face crumble with Wiley said “Leila” again. Ugh. Still so sad. So what did she do when she got that information? She went home, looked around in shock for a minute and then went into full on packing mode. She calls the oh-so-handy 24 hour moving company to come pick up the stuff and take it to the apartment her realtor found for her in the middle of the night. Best movers and realtor ever, apparently! She calls Peter at the party, and gives him the address to come over. He comes in all excited, then she tells him that this is HIS apartment. She wants a separation because she knows he slept with Kalinda His response: You weren’t best friends at the time. Wow. She just hands him the keys and heads back to her to her apartment, blasts a “I’m not a victim” rock anthem and beautifies herself to go to work. Like I mentioned, she does extra fab at work – not letting anyone walk over her. She is ready to go. Until every time she sees Kalinda. A look of horror/sadness/shock comes over her face and you see that powerful facade start to crumble. In the one instance they actually come face to face, Alicia is unable to really form any thoughts. It is sad.

the good wife

On the home front, well, things are not good. Jackie comes to Alicia to try to talk to her. She says that Peter told her what happened and is annoyed that Alicia was just obviously waiting for the election to be over to make her move. Jackie tries to use the kids as an excuse, but Alicia says she will talk to the kids. I love how Alicia is very strong and a bit harsh with Jackie. Jackie accuses Alicia of poisoning the children with her biased. Alicia just calmly tells Jackie that she apprciates all the help, you will still see the kids, but I don’t need you anymore. Jackie’s response: “Damn you to hell.” Nice. Will meanwhile congratulates Alicia on Peter’s win and she doesn’t tell him anything! WHY? Sigh…

At home, Alicia tells Grace and Zach the news. They take it like I assumed they would – shock and sadness. Zach, the conspiracy theorist that he is, assumes the whole reconciliation was just an act to get Dad elected. And when Alicia tells the kids they can’t talk to the press, Grace calls her a hypocrite for asking them to lie. She tells Alicia, “Mom you need to protect us more.” Alicia just breaks down. I love it. Not because Alicia is sad, but because she allows herself to be vulnerable in front of her kids. And it put Grace in her place for a minute. That girl is obnoxious.

Jackie, not one to settle for defeat, goes to Eli for help. She knows Alicia and Eli have bonded and hopes that he can talk some sense into her. So he goes, because he likes to help. But he is also Eli and when it comes down to it, he probably respects Alicia more than Peter at this point.

Eli: This will only take a minute and it’s important.

Alicia: ‘m about to argue for a woman’s life. Is it more important than that?

Eli: Oh – I thought I could top that.

At least he has his priorities straight. Eli tells Alicia that Jackie told him what is going on. Will she change her mind. Alicia says no, in no uncertain terms, and tells him she talked to the kids, so he should talk to Peter, who let’s face it, is also a kid. Eli says couples counseling may work, which Alicia basically laughs at. And then that was it. He didn’t push, and Alicia thanked him for it. Again – best relationship on this show!

After all the cases are won, Alicia goes home to find Peter there. He wants to talk, but she’s not having it.

Alicia: No, Peter.It’s a no.

Peter: What is?

Alicia: Everything. Counseling. And explanation. Anything you ask. Anything you say.

the good wifeBeing the narcissistic delusional that he is, Peter takes this to mean that this isn’t about him. It’s about Alicia sleeping with Will and she is just looking for an out. Classy, Peter. Classy. And then he blames her for a big part of the dissolution of their marriage. He also says Kalinda is blameless. She didn’t know Alicia then. But as Alicia points out, she knew he was married. He throws a bunch of passive-agressive crap at her, saying she thinks she is the only one hurt by this.

Alicia: Say something Peter. Say something that will make me fall in love with you again.

Peter: Goodbye.

Alicia. Yeah. You got that right.

Bam! That one moment was worth the whole hour. Such a tense few minutes. Not only did you see Alicia’s emotions all just out on the table. Her disgust with Peter and Kalinda. Her anger at Peter’s attitude. Her desperation to just have her marriage back. It was a truly great moment.

Next week – bring tissues because a certain best-friend of Alicia is going to catch up on what has been going on in the Florrick family home.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae and read her blog I [heart] TV