This week, The Good Wife was a bit different. We didn’t get the weekly quirky judge. We didn’t get to see Alicia and Cary having a sparring frenemy moment. Kalinda and Alicia never had an awkwardly strained discussion. Instead we got a lot of Will and Alicia in hotel rooms. And they were usually joined by several other people. Get your minds out of the gutter, people! They were participating in a mediation!

lisa edelstein the good wife

"Get a Room"--Will (Josh Charles, left) argues with Celeste Serrano (guest star Lisa Edelstein, center), his ex and opposing council, while court-appointed mediator Ira Protopapas (Isiah Whitlock Jr., right), tries to keep the peace, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday, Oct. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: David M. Russell/CBS ©2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Eli and the cheese
In what is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen this side any given cold open of Bones, Eli this week was dealing with a listeria outbreak in school because of a cheese product. (FYI: this is a timely episode, as cantaloupe was to blame for a nationwide listeria outbreak. Look it up. I’ve had nightmares because my kids love it.) The craziness stems from a viral YouTube video of a cafeteria full of children puking their cheesy guts out. They showed it a lot. I’m still traumatized. In the video you see a pack of a certain brand of cheese so Eli, being hired by some cheese council lady to manage this crisis, goes to the head of the company, played by James Eckhouse aka Jim Walsh. Eli wants the guy to apologize and get in front of the crisis. But he also hires Diane to be council for this whole cheese craziness. When she starts to get to involved, Eli calls her “window dressing” who needs to not get too involved. Oh snap, Eli. Guess what – she’s not window dressing and stays very involved.

At one point, prior to hiring Eli, but made national fodder post-Eli, the cheese guy tries to take blame off the cheese by blaming the kids claiming they are kids so who knows what they ate. Classy. It causes even more uproar and turns the story into a media sensation. It catches the eye of an intrepid reporter, Gretchen, who wants the inside scoop from Will when Will asks for help with his case, which we’ll get to in a minute. So he, apparently, tells her it is Eli Gold handling it, and now Eli’s involvement with Peter becomes the real story of the cheese case (Peter gave kids listeria!!) and Eli is not happy.

Will and his lady friends
Will and Alicia are working a mediation in a hotel. A HOTEL. If these two don’t wind up getting married in a hotel room one day I think something will have gone wrong. Anyway, the case is about a woman who had an implant in her spine that was invented by her doctor and not FDA approved. That isn’t what is really important here. What is important is that this mediation introduced Lisa Edelstein’s character, Celeste Serrano. She is a former co-worker/girlfriend of Will’s. They spar a lot and she is smart enough to realize that Will and Alicia are an item and try to use it against them, but Will knows she would do that so they just use it against Celeste instead. The whole thing is just a way of showing that Will and Celeste know each other very well and can use that to their advantage. Of course, Kalinda finds the information they need to win and none of it matters. Basically, Celeste is arguing the implant didn’t vary that much from the FDA approved ones, so the woman’s complications have nothing to do with the device. But Kalinda finds a patent application that says it is significantly different than the FDA approved devices. Win for Will and Alicia!

Meanwhile, Will finds out that reporter Gretchen, has inside information on this case and goes to her to find out what she has and where she got it. He assumes it is leaks from Celeste’s firm, but both Gretchen and Celeste claim that is not the case. Gretchen actually claims it is coming from the State’s Attorney. Man, Peter is a pain in the butt! When the case is won, Celeste tells Will she wants to come work at Lockhart/Gardner, and he says he will talk to Diane. Really, Will? Really? Things aren’t tense enough over there you want to add your ex-girlfriend into the mix. Your ex-girlfriend who realizes you are sleeping with a 3rd year associate. The same 3rd year associate who is still married to the State’s Attorney and that no one else knows you are sleeping with? Really?!? (I hope you all read that as if it was a “REALLY?!? With Seth and Amy” segment from SNL. Because that is how I said it in my head.)

Fun Uncle Owen
Hurray! Owen is back! Dallas Roberts is my favorite! More exclamation points! Anyway, Because this mediation requires Will and Alicia to be in a hotel room for extended period of time, she has Owen come and stay with the kids. (How long did this mediation go on? Did she SLEEP in the hotel room? Because man, isn’t it convenient to put your hotel room for your torrid affair with your boss on the corporate card!) During this brief interlude at Chez Alicia, Owen got quite a lot of insight on what’s been going on. While teasing Alicia about her love of Will, he realized she is actually sleeping with him now. During a chat with Zach, he learned that Peter slept with someone other than the hooker, which is why Alicia threw Peter out. (This is the outcome of the partial discussion we saw in a previous week between Peter and Zach) Owen met Grace’s tutor who is still… wacky. And still making slightly obscene street dance videos. And last, but certainly not least, while trying to get some love from his boyfriend (?) Finn, he was interuppted by none other than Jackie. She still has a key (OMG, Alicia, get the locks changed!) and was going to clean up because who knows what sort of horrid state Alicia leaves the apartment in. Finn invited Jackie to stay. FYI, Finn, this will pretty much guarantee that you will never sleep with Owen. Nothing is a mood killer like Jackie. And how often is Jackie doing this?? Creepy.

Bringing Owen back showed us how closed off Alicia still is. She wouldn’t open up about Will. When he told her what Zach said about Peter, she just clammed up and said she had to work. It’s not good. But when Owen asked her if she loved Will, she said no. Owen thought that was good, otherwise it would get messy. But her look over his shoulder when they hugged implied she may not have been very truthful, with herself or with Owen. Guess what – things are going to get messy.

Other Stuff

  • When Eli realized there was a leak, he went to Diane with it, saying the reporter said it was a “he” who leaked info. He suspects Will, but Diane said no. Her look said otherwise. More drama between Lockhart/Gardner in the future?
  • Kalinda went to get some info from Cary who was less than forthcoming this time around. I guess he does like her (in that middle school “I like you” sort of way) and is upset she uses that to her advantage. Awww. Cary has feelings!
  • I kind of love the mediator, who Will, Alicia and Celeste played every chance they got, knew he was being played the whole time and was sort of okay with it. That guy was funny. I hope he comes back because he and Alicia were fun together. He said if he ever needed a lawyer he’d hire her… Get on that.

I feel like this episode was a lot of set-up. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I felt like the entire time I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Eli’s getting pushed out from behind the curtain. More tension is on the way for Lockhat/Gardner. Jackie is back in the mix. Cary and Kalinda have issues. It’s only episode three, so I’ve got to say I’m nervous/excited to see what’s coming!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae