Enjoy these quotes from The Good Wife season 3.

the good wife season 3

These are quotes from the episode “Pants on Fire.”

I’m stopping you. – Alicia Florrick
I don’t know how you’ll do that. – Jackie Florrick
I’m a lawyer. Watch me. – Alicia Florrick

What’s wrong? – Kalinda
Everything. – Alicia

You can’t get 20% of freedom. – The Good Wife season 3 quotes

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What happened to kids today? They want money, not freedom.

Didn’t we almost go out on a date three years ago? – Small Screen Scoop posted these quotes.

Dead horse beaten yet again. – The Good Wife quotes season 3.

People lie. And politicians are people. – Eli Gold

Our memories seem to diverge. – The Good wife season 3 quotes

Alicia. I am very good at my job. – Eli Gold

He’s Blagojevich dangerous. – Eli

And there it is. – Eli Gold quotes

Run, Peter. You’d be a good governor. – Alicia Florrick quotes

Alicia and I are trying very hard to be adults. – Peter Florrick quotes

Dammit. – Eli
Don’t go getting melodramatic on me. – The Good Wife season 3 quotes

Mafia rules?

Do you have a better cliche? – The Good Wife quotes season 3

You’re a real piece of work. – Peter
I try to be.

I’ve got my Family Circus cartoons and my ficus. – Cary Agos quotes

You never know what a desperate person will say. – Alicia Florrick quotes

I wouldn’t mind playing some volley ball. – The Good Wife quotes season 3

The Good Wife season 3 picture from CBS.