Inside this review of The Good Wife: why Grace was absolutely in the wrong, why Diane’s spirit animal is a hawk, and a defense for trusting “Psychic Mothers.”

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The Good Wife Review “Parenting Made Easy”

While I am not a Mother, I know that Mother’s do have an eerily psychic-worthy sense of foreshadowing what is going on in their daughters lives. It’s like they meet up with a detective during their dreams! Alicia, like any mother, has that power with Grace. (It’s so much more than intuition or a gut thing.) And maybe that first moment on screen made you cringe, but it also set you up to doubt whether the exterior of well-rounded, sweet Grace was all there was to her and if there was need for fear and worry.

Moving away from Mother/Daughter bonds we have to address Martha and Caitlin as oddball sisters. Martha was almost hired, when Caitlin swooped in and got the job based on nepotism. So it was a bit of a sisterly catfight in the courtroom.

Jennifer Carpenter guest starred as the client of the week. She wore sweaters and was kind of boring. Of course, the case of the week took a total backseat to the “Grace May Be Missing” storyline.

Before we get to that, we’ll make a mention to the sweetness that was Eli needing to make friends, the bitterness that was Kalinda ignoring Alicia, and the enigma that is Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox.)

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When Grace is deemed missing, disparate forces united to all try and find her. I love team moments like this. Everyone got in on it. Well, everyone except Will. But even Kalinda secretly got involved (sans credit.) Although, shouldn’t Kalinda have called as soon as she found Grace so that the police could be called off? And even if Grace doesn’t mention Kalinda’s goodwill, Zac is sure to bring it up eventually.

To explore what happened with Grace we have to go over a few points. Grace had “butt dialed” her Mother 12 times by accident, and Alicia had heard Grace getting into a car. Grace wasn’t where she was supposed to be and wasn’t answering her phone. And there was reason to believe that someone might kidnap a Florrick child. So, given all of that, was it a reaction for Peter to demand the police get right on it? The reason they make people wait is probably because often it ends up being that the child is safe and the parents are overreacting. If the resources allowed for it, I’d say that rule of waiting should be taken away. But as it is, I suppose I understand why it’s in place. So, because of all of those circumstances everyone thinks Grace is missing. She’s actually just been gone for an hour, and she’s getting baptized.Which is a far cry from being found doing drugs in a den. It’s downright wholesome. You can’t blame Grace for the fact that her cell died, but when you’re a teenager you always have to tell your parents where you’re going to be, and leave notes about it. Grace still acted in the wrong.

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And while this family emergency was going on, Canning was helping Alicia because he’s a parent and he understands. But as soon as Grace is found, he took off his parenting hat and snooped in Alicia’s bag and won his case against her. His justification was genius.

Because Diane see’s everything (she’s like an owl.. or something more ferocious, a hawk?), all the time, she see’s Alicia and Will break up. However, the detail she got wrong was about who broke up with who. Why did Alicia break up with Will? Because with work and family, there’s not enough time to also have a boyfriend. Her guilt is killing her. She doesn’t think she can have it all, and she knows Will is what has to be sacrificed. But is this really the end of Alicia/Will?

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