“A Chicago grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.” Just one of the things we learned on a episode of The Good Wife that was filled with twists and turns.

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Just like every episode of The Good Wife so much happens in the hour of programming you are left with your head spinning when it is done. This episode was so jam-packed that it took until it was over to realize just how little Will and Diane (Josh Charles and Christine Baranski) were even in the episode. Or that Peter (Chris Noth) wasn’t in it at all! Instead of a full recap, how about we just break it down into the three main storylines going through the episode? I hope it will make it easier to follow.

Eli and Grace: Poor Eli (played with the sort of skeevy charm only Alan Cumming can pull off) – he started the episode so excited. Childs dropped out of the race and now Peter is within one point of Wendy Scott-Carr. Then to top it off, the DNC is now backing Peter. Good times, which Eli celebrated by mooning the DNC chair and asking him, oh so politely, to “kiss [his] ass,” when it came to any of the DNC’s conditions for their support. But being in charge of Peter’s campaign means endless troubles. The trouble this week: African-Americans. Or more accurately, the fact that Blue Collar white people won’t vote for Peter if he keeps saying how much he likes African-Americans. Cringe-inducing, right? But Eli, despite not necessarily agreeing with it, still does his best to remove Peter from all aspects of that demographic. No more Pastor Isaiah spiritual guidance days. Only white people on the website. But he didn’t count on Grace Florrick and the fact that, as she puts it, “The Florrick children just really love black people.” (This prompts Eli to scream from the elevator “You kids are evil!” His scenes with the teenagers are the best!) Here’s the thing with Grace – her combination of naivete and teenage arrogance makes her barely tolerable about 75% of the time. And this new obsession with Jimmy Patrick scares me. However, in this case, she was right, which makes her even more annoying! When Eli discovers that Zach’s girlfriend is black and he plans on bringing her to his father’s speech at his school, Eli goes to Alicia and asks her to prevent this. You know, to keep Zach out of the spotlight like Alicia wanted. But when Grace hears Alicia talk to Zach she says loudly, in front of poor Lisa, that this was about Lisa, not the kids. Oh Grace, way to have some tact! So, guess who gets to go to the speech? Sorry, Eli – Alicia isn’t going to let you win this time.

Lemond Bishop’s Divorce: In the fallout of Bond’s unceremonious removal from Lockhart/Gardner, Will and Diane are eager to make sure they don’t lose a single client. High on that list, is “businessman” (read: kingpin) Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter). He agrees to stay if they help him with one little problem he is having – his wife just filed for divorce. First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Bishop’s wife, Katrina, (Sophina Brown) is a bit dumb, no? Who tries to divorce a crime lord? She is aware of how dangerous he is, right? Sure, he slept with someone else, but still. Anywho… Alicia is assigned to the case along with the always enjoyable David Lee (Zach Grenier). In order to try and avoid this going to trial, they first bring in a mediator – Fred (Bill Irwin) who basically gets steamed rolled by the lawyers. There is a lot of back and forth over how much Bishop is worth (so they know what is fair to give Katrina as alimony). Her lawyers say 88 million. His “accountant” says about three million a year. His legitimate businesses are all in Chapter 11, so it’s hard to determine the truth, legally that is. When it comes to custody of their child, Katrina’s lawyer brings in the kid to talk to the mediator. At this point Bishop breaks and is “cured of love” when it comes to Katrina – he doesn’t want his kid involved and can’t believe she allowed that…. Kalinda has discovered that Katrina is having an affair as well, although it is never clear with whom. So when the two sides can’t agree on a settlement, it is decided the divorce proceedings will go to court. Lee is happy because Katrina won’t be able to get money – a court will only recognize Bishop’s legit dealings – but Bishop is unhappy his kid will have to testify. He doesn’t worry for long, because the next day her lawyer comes in upset saying Katrina OD’d after being clean for 10 years and accuses Bishop of killing her (told you, Katrina). Bishop never looked scarier. And by the look on her face, Alicia finally realized just how dangerous he is.

Kalinda’s Indictment: When the episode starts, Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry) is questioning Jason Street (Scott Porter) in front of the grand jury. Oh wait, sorry. Right actors, wrong characters. Cary Agos (who, let’s face it, is what Logan would have been if he chose law over his father’s journalism empire) is questioning Blake Calamar about the whole “Kalinda beat the doctor with a bat” scenario. In case you don’t remember,it was Blake who did the beating, and the framing of Kalinda. But he has full immunity in exchange for his cooperation, so he is up there telling his version of the truth. Kalinda gets subpoenaed and asks Alicia to act as her counsel. Alicia’s only advice: just continually plead the fifth. And so when the two ladies head to the grand jury and Cary starts to ask his questions, all Kalinda says is “I refuse to answer on the basis that it may incriminate me.” Alicia asks that to save time, they skip the questions, but Cary and Childs, who is heading the proceedings, insist the questions are asked. Turns out they want them asked for a reason. It isn’t Kalinda that is the target – it is Lockhart/Gardner, made obvious by the nature of the questions. They want proof that Kalinda acted at the request of her bosses when it came to illegal activity. When they tell Will and Diane, Will agrees to go talk to Blake. Guess what? Blake doesn’t care. So on it goes. Meanwhile, Cary is dealing with the fallout at the States Attorney’s office because Childs dropped out of the race. Since he is not at a certain paygrade, he isn’t guaranteed his job when either Florrick or Scott-Carr come in. Although, even those that are at that paygrade are still worried, like his partner in crime, Geneva. Cary and Childs offer Kalinda a deal – immunity if she testifies against Lockhart/ Gardner otherwise she will be indicted and serve two years. Alicia, of course, thinks this is about her and Peter (love Alicia, but girl thinks it is ALWAYS about her!) but Childs says no. Either way – it’s back to the grand jury. Cary has re-questioned Blake, and is now asking Kalinda about his testimony. Just like before, she pleads the fifth. That is until he asks if she has tried to make contact with Blake since the incident with the bat. Then she finally answers – she saw him at a specific hotel in a specific room with an African-American woman. Basically, she insinuated that Blake was the one having an affair with Bishop’s wife. Afterwards Alicia got a phone call from Cary. Turns out when Blake was asked about Kalinda’s testimony, he asked for a recess and didn’t return. So Kalinda won’t be asked to return. Yay!

Ok…. brief time out from the Kalinda drama. This phone call didn’t end here. After the lawyer stuff was out of the way Cary and Alicia both sat in silence without hanging up. I counted – eight seconds. And somewhere in that eight seconds it was like they remembered they liked each other. Of all the relationships on the show, I may be most invested in this one – it was my favorite part of season one. So I didn’t breathe those eight seconds. Then came the best 20 words of the show:

Alicia: How are you, Cary?

Cary: I don’t know. It may be tough sledding here for awhile.

Alica: Well, good luck.

Cary: Thank you.

I can’t tell you how much joy that 30 seconds brought me. And while the five minutes that followed may be the “big twist” I was left thinking about that phone call a lot longer last night.

Back to Kalinda. She went for celebratory drinks with Alicia, where Alicia realized Cary and Kalinda worked together on this plan. Alicia also made the “Kalinda and Cary sitting in a tree…” joke. Because despite her sort of uptight persona, she is a big goof. They discuss choosing the path their lives take (Alicia was told by Eli that if Peter wins she needs to head back to the suburbs, but Alicia doesn’t want to) and whether they would have been friends before this. But drinks are interrupted by a text from Blake saying he wants to meet Kalinda and of course she goes. Apparently underground parking garages are “their place,” because yet again that is the location of another intense Kalinda/Blake showdown. Blake finally found out the secret of Leila – Kalinda’s former persona. Turns out she is just a normal girl that got bored and wanted out of her life. And she did it – with the help of Peter Florrick. The price: Sex, of course. It’s Peter, afterall. And Blake told the ASA all about it, so the secret is out.

Dun dun duuuunnnnn.

First off – while this was a punch to the gut, ultimately, it wasn’t a huge surprise to those paying attention. In the first season Kalinda and Peter had some charged encounters. We knew they knew each other when he was States Attorney. But still…. it is going to lead to a whole lot of emotional fallout. Kalinda is Alica’s only real friend nowadays. My hope: Owen comes back to help Alicia sort it out. And, of course, that she dumps Peter and runs to Will! (A girl can dream…) Also very interested to see Cary’s reaction.

What did everyone think of the big twist? What do you think will happen?

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Written by Melissa Miller find her on Twitter @serrae and read her blog, I heart TV