It all came down to sex, love and the sanctity of marriage as Alicia made her way through her increasingly difficult work and personal life problems in this week’s The Good Wife.

the good wife getting off

Opening shot this week: A close-up of Nancy Crozier (played by the uber talented Mamie Gummer. And that talent is genetic – it does not hurt to have Meryl Streep as your mama!). She is the opposing councel this week in a civil suit dealing with the website – a website meant for married people looking to participate in some extra-marital activities. Racy, right? Well that is what Nancy wants the jury to believe – that this is about sex. See, Nancy’s client is  a widow whose husband was bruttally killed (it involved a ball-gag and someone pulling a Lorena Bobbitt on the guy – look it up, kids) while on a date that he set up through the website. The widow blames the site, saying her husband was a wonderful and loving husband until he was taken in by the site. So Nancy is playing up her “oh my, I’m so innocent” act to lead the jury to also be shocked. Will on the other hand, is defending Stephanie Engler (Sarah Silverman), the owner of the website. He claims this is simple contract law and Stephanie has the right to run whatever site she wants.

Kalinda, doing research on the case, goes to see Cary at the State’s attorney’s office. Turns out, whatever Peter said to him was enough to make him want to stay. That “you’ll have a lesser title than Alicia” offer from Diane and Will probably helped in that decision as well. He is busy trying to work on a murder case for the dead husband. Currently, they are trying to link it to a murder with a similar m.o. in Texas. When Cary tells Kalinda that Peter didn’t seem to mind that Cary and Alicia don’t really get along, Kalinda got that worried look on her face. And with good reason!

sarah silverman the good wifeOver at Lockhart/Gardner Alicia goes to see David Lee (Zach Grenier) who is in charge of divorce proceedings at the firm. She tells him about the separation and wants to know about how to protect herself financially and to avoid having it go public right now. He wants to know if she is getting a divorce, which seems to throw her a bit. Being the pragmatic guy he is, he tells her if she does want to divorce him, she is so much better off if she waits until he takes his position as the SA. He’s worth more then. They agree that she will come up with a list of things she needs and he will help her out, but to avoid any rumors in the office – they will call this the Cole Divorce case. PS – this 5 minute convo cost Alicia whatever David charges for one hour. He rounds up. I love this guy.

Will, Diane and Alicia meet about the case. The good news is there is no proof that whomever killed the guy was the person who he set up the date with. If they can’t positively link it, there is no case. Hurray! (We all know it won’t be that easy, right?) Will and Diane say they want Alicia on the case and being the smart cookie she is, she knows it is because her husband cheated on her. Love her for not objecting, just pointing out the obvious. So Alicia goes to prep Stephanie. Their interactions are tense and amusing because Alicia is obviously a bit sensitive to the whole cheating business right now! Stephanie says the widow isn’t suing because her husband died, it’s because her husband cheated. Stephanie also takes a time out to share with Alicia that there is a porn about her. Actually a trilogy about women who “stand by their man.” Eek. Alicia gives the overall impression that she really does not care for Stephanie, and is very surprised to learn Stephanie is the mother of three. But also happy because they can use that in court!

As she leaves Stephanie, Alicia sees Kalinda waiting in her office. She hesitates a moment before deciding it is time to get it all out in the open. Kalinda starts the conversation normally. But it goes downhill from there.

Alicia: You slept with my husband. You do not say anything after that. It is selfish to say anything after that.

The scene is so heartbreaking. Watching Alicia confront Peter last week was empowering because we always knew he was awful, but this… it just hurts and the pain is written over both of their faces. Kalinda shakily gather her things, and almost stumbles into the elevator where she completely breaks down.

Jackie decides to bribe her way into the apartment by bringing Grace her favorite lemon muffins. Jackie embraces her awfulness by trying to manipulate the children saying that Peter is so miserable and how he doesn’t understand why their mother is doing this. I want to smack her. Thankfully, Zach surprisingly holds strong saying they are just fine. But Grace – well, being the easily manipulated girl she is, seems shaken.

Back to court – Alicia and Nancy have the strangest encounter in the hall saying they are glad there isn’t any awkwardness from last time when Alicia beat her. Something Nancy finds endlessly amusing. I would love an hour all for Nancy. I want to know what this girl is like outside the courtroom! Also I girl crush on Mamie. Not important… Anyway, Nancy shows the jury a whole lot of pictures she is very embarrassed about of the dead husband in a lot of sex acts with women who are not his wife. Love Judge Handler’s (John Pankow) head tilt while looking at them. This is to prove what the website did to the husband – you know, turned him into a dirty dirty man. However Alicia tries to prove he was like that prior to the website – he was slapped with a restraining order from a colleague. One the wife insists persued him because again, husband was Mr. Perfect before he found the website. Oy.

Kalinda (who is wearing an AMAZING new jacket) goes to an auction house where she meets up with an old “friend” (I use quotes around all old friends of Kalinda’s, especially of the hot women variety), Sophia (Kelli Giddish) looking for a job as a corporate investigator. Turns out this is a very old job offer that Kalinda originally turned down but now she wants it back. Sophia seems unsure, but they make eyes at each other, and Kalinda is ready to take the job.

Alicia asks Stephanie about her own affairs as well as her husbands. She asks not just for the case, but because she just doesn’t get it. She needs to understand it. Stephanie talks of just wanting someone else for a change, someone new. All very sexy. Alicia, obviously a bit shaken, leaves and goes home. Where she takes out that Top 30 Bachelors in Chicago magazine from a few months ago and stares at Will’s handsome face. Hmmmm… And the next day at work, she gives him an intense and sexy stare down from across the office. Which he seems confused and happy about. These two…

sarah silverman the good wifeAt Cary’s office, Kalinda notices some heart and flower doodles on a note pad. Not exactly Cary’s style, but it’s Nancy’s! Kalinda tries to call Alicia, but she isn’t taking her call. Too late though. Nancy suddenly has  new piece of evidence – Stephanie’s credit card was used in the same hotel as the husband on the night of the murder. Turns out Cary is using this civil suit to gather a case against Stephanie – his new prime suspect. Will and Diane are not impressed. They try to settle the civil suit so they can defend Stephanie in the crminal case, but Nancy isn’t taking the plea. She wants a lot of money and Cary has lots of evidence to help Nancy’s case- Stephanie’s car seen fleeing the scene, using the same copy center that the IP address on the final date email leads too, carpet fibers from her house at the scene. It’s bad.

Also bad, for Alicia, Grace comes to her saying she is afraid they are hurting dad. Alicia gets it out of her that this is coming from Jackie. Alicia’s head nearly explodes and she goes to David now worried about custody. David says that while teenagers have a lot of say in where they want to live, Grandma has no weight whatsoever. Whew. But he does say to still delay this fight. Even with custody, waiting until Peter is SA is beneficial.

Kalinda has given Will two weeks notice, something he has not taken very well. He assumes she wants a bidding war, but she says it isn’t about that. It is just time for her to go. But being the awesome investigator she is, she still takes the time to crack the case. The widow drives a similar car to Stephanie. One so similar in fact, that under the florescent lights of the garage they look identical. Will tells Kalinda she is too good and can’t leave. She changes the subject to Will and Alicia and tells him that Alicia and Peter are separated. Perhaps as a parting gift? Will shrugs it off, saying that there are too many issues, but is clearly interested in the information.

Alicia decides to confront Jackie at some old lady event. I half expected to find Emily Gilmore there and discover it was a DAR luncheon. Alicia rips into Jackie and it is GLORIOUS. Mostly because she never raises her voice, but her tone is icy and hostile. She tells Jackie if she ever tries to turn her children against her again, she will never see them again. Jackie says “I know what happened in that house” and it sounds like a threat, which honestly has me a little nervous, but the scene was so fantastic, I am going to let it go for now.

In court, Alicia and Will used the similar cars as a starting point to systematically tear down Nancy’s (and therefore Cary’s case) and they both loved watching Nancy squirm. Will tries to get Alicia to tell him about the separation, but she won’t, and then Kalinda comes in and Will leaves the two of them to prep. Somehow this scene was even sadder than the first between the two because of all the anger. Kalinda just apologizes, but Alicia isn’t having it because not only did she sleep with her husband, she also befriended Alicia. It all just makes Alicia feel dumb. Kalinda really has not angle to take here, and tells her she has a new job. Alicia is thrilled and Kalinda leaves. Will spies all the tension from his office and gets his “I’m confused” face. Kalinda goes to an office and focuses on the avatar of the last date the husband found on the website – it’s a close-up of lips. With some nifty internet hunting, Kalinda finds the original picture. It’s from a newspaper…. where Stephanie’s husband is a contributing editor! Dun dun duuuun.

The team explains to Stephanie how they discovered her husband is the killer. She doesn’t understand why he did it. Alicia tells her it is because her husband was jealous. So Stephanie gets up, goes to her husband in the other room and then makes out with him

Will: Okay… that didn’t go the way I thought.

Kalinda goes to Sophia, who assumes that Kalinda was just using her because Will called asking how much Sophia was offering. But Kalinda says she will start Monday. Sophia is happy and says she already has a position for her—- in the State’s Attorney’s office with Peter Florrick. Cue maniacal laughter from Kalinda. Love love love that moment!!

So, back to Lockhart/Gardner Kalinda goes. Will asks if all of this has been about Alicia but she avoids it.

Will: At some point, Kalinda, you’re gonna have to confide in someone.

Kalinda: No, I don’t. You know what I discovered? I never have to confide in anyone.

Hugs, Kalinda. Hugs. So she goes into a meeting about the Judge Killer case. What’s that? Well it is Child’s swan song as State’s Attorney and the case of the week next week, I’d assume. (based on that ‘To Be Continued..’) Kalinda sits across from Alicia and they just give each other a look. Kalinda’s says, “Sorry, but I’m staying. Deal.” Alicia’s says, “Dammit.”

I really enjoyed this episode. It was heart breaking. But also fun to watch Alicia try to keep her composure on a lot of it. Next week, all of you Will-haters better avert your eyes. The Good Wife writers on Twitter said that the last 3 episodes focus on the 3 aspects of this separation. Last week was Peter, this week was Kalinda and next week: Will. Get ready…..

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae