Can I just say it? The Good Wife is the best dramatic television series on TV. And in case you want proof, you only need to watch the latest episode – “Executive Order” which premiered on CBS last night.

Here’s something you’ve probably realized if you’re over age 18 or have seen a lot of law-based TV shows (reality or otherwise) – the law is not always going to favor the most innocent party. Gasp, shock, etc. I know. But half of knowing the law is knowing how to bend it to work for you. Again, I know! The nerve. But despite whatever law-based TV shows you’ve seen (I’ve logged several hours with Law and Order: SVU and The People’s Court) never has it been so brilliantly, consistently, illustrated than on this show. In “Executive Order” several tricky bits of laws were brought to light. Laws are tricky bitches! You can quote me on that. Although I’m not sure why you would…

I think the part I loved the most was in seeing how lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni, played by Carrie Preston, helped Alicia Florrick. A picture of the law is painted as a careful balance of owning up to certain truths, and holding back on saying many, many things. Basically, the phrase “owned” should be employed by lawyers just as much as video gamers. In fact, if I ever became a lawyer (in a “Legally Blonde” type of moment) I’d totally turn to the opposing council and point two fingers at them while shouting at just how OWNED they were. And maybe I’d also let them know about when they get a That 70’s Show style “BURN!”(And then I’d probably be thrown out of court, but you never know.)

Speaking of Carrie Preston, can we just take a moment to praise her? Yes, I know her mainly from True Blood, but the character was written and acted out so well. Shows like Boston Legal and Ally McBeal would have eccentric guest stars, but it always seemed a little inauthentic and like a gimmick. On The Good Wife, the oddballs always seem to be rooted in a solid idea that lets the viewer believe that this is who they really are. (Example: Martha Plimpton as Patti Nyholm)

It’s interesting that Alicia went for a lawyer outside of her firm, when they were being offered up to her for free. But Alicia is just too damn smart, and she knew that both Diane and Will were looking to protect their firm above all else. They couldn’t advocate for her without a bias. And it was so fun to learn that the lawyer Alicia went to was the lawyer who helped her husband (technically he’s her husband, still.)

Will and Peter are going to do battle, and I can’t say I don’t blame Peter for going at it. Yea, he could punch Will, but isn’t it more fun for him to destroy him in a more official capacity? That said, I side with Will over Peter on any day.

This episode was fun and had levity in it to work against the heavy, heavy stuff going on. I, personally, loved it.

Grade: A
Rewatch: Yes (But in a series re-watch, this particular episode on its own isn’t an essential rewatch for me.)
Demerit: No Eli Gold! (Alan Cumming)

What would you grade this episode? Did you enjoy the lawyer Alicia hired?