This week The Good Wife brought a lot of amazing storylines, however I’m still thinking about two things. 1- How haunting that crime scene photo was. 2- How freaking amazing Matt Czuchry is as Cary. Amazing.

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Kids are tech savvy. And then there’s Jackie.
In what is the greatest development ever on this show – Eli’s daughter Marissa met Alicia’s son Zach while they were both visiting their respective parents. Actually, Zach was more doing tech support than visiting with his mom. Because apparently Lockhart/Gardner’s IT guy is not the genius that Zach is. Kids today, huh? Marissa, the far superior child on the show, takes a liking to Zach and his slightly awkward ways. So she heads over to his apartment with him while Alicia is out on an awful errand which we will get to a in a bit. Grace is also having her friend/tutor, Jennifer over. Fun!

Later they are all supposed to be heading to Peter’s, but since Chris Noth was too busy to be in this episode, Grandma Jackie comes to pick them up. And gets increasingly horrified looks at every discovery – Zach with a girl! Jennifer in full body make-up! Lingerie in the laundry!! Boundaries, Jackie. Figure out what that means. Her snooping gets intense as she rifles through Alicia’s room. She finds a laptop but literally has NO IDEA how to turn it on. I die laughing as she turns it over trying to figure it out. While she may be good for a laugh, Jackie needs to go. But Marissa needs to stay. I love this turn of events, especially because it seems to have thrown Eli through a loop.

Here Comes Santa Clause
Yeah, I know. It’s so dirty, but that punchline sent me into a fit of giggles, so I had to use it. Anyway, from the top – Mickey Gunn (Michael Kelley) is back with another PR issue for Eli. This one involves one of his politician clients having a particular picture that is going to be leaked. A picture of the politician in a, um, compromising position. OK, let’s just put it out there. It’s the guy giving a huge statue of Santa a ummm…. well, oh dear, I’m blushing.

Anyway… they decide to get ahead (giggle) of the story by calling in Chris Matthews to have him run it with their spin – The Issues of Being a Political Candidate in the Facebook Era. But the guy is young and kind of silly, and blows (giggle) the interview so he comes out as an alcoholic. Mickey loves him so much, he decides he wants to have him run for State Senate – awkward since Eli’s wife is also running. But exciting because it means more Mickey Gunn. Although Mickey may be unsure about using Eli – he’s heard rumor Lockhart/Garnder is under investigation, which brings us to…

Cary Agos Loves the Ladies
While working the investigation this week, Kalinda found a new in at the State’s Attorney’s office… Cary’s new love interest, Dana. She found Kalinda snooping through Cary’s office and a combination of curiosity and jealousy seemed to inspire her to help Kalinda out. Dana provided Kalinda with help on finding a killer that wasn’t the Lockhart/Garnder client, in exchange she wanted Kalinda’s help in getting info on Will. But Kalinda, while occasionally shaky on the morality, went straight to Will and agreed to help him, knowing this was probably more about Alicia than anything else as far as Peter was concerned. Perhaps her way of making it up to Alicia? They need to be friends again. And when Will tells Alicia their affair may be causing trouble, the both agree they still don’t want to stop. Awww… silly kids.

Cary spies Kalinda and Dana being chummy, and knowing Kalinda’s track record with women, he gets nervous. “I know a lot of people that weren’t anything until they met Kalinda” was his answer when Dana said she wasn’t a lesbian in response to his jealousy. A truer statement about Kalinda has yet to be uttered. Then while working the case, Kalinda and Cary have a moment as he protects her during a shoot out. Back at his office he tells her he wants her out of his head, and then he kisses her. But it shakes him and he leaves her alone in the office. Thing is – he knows he can’t trust her. Her mysterious ways are going to backfire in this case. And Czuchry-spelled-the-usual-way killed it in that and every other scene this week. How is he the only one never nominated for awards again???

Nightmares from Death Row
The case this week stems from a documentary that includes an interview with a death row inmate. He gives up the location of body. Thing of it is – the police find another body of a woman that has also been missing 6 months. Same as the other one. The State’s Attorney decides her boyfriend did it. As for the other body – a 14 year old kid from a gang confessed to that one. I get that they like to get a win in the SA office, but come on – you bought that? It is complete coincidence that two bodies that have both been dead for 6 months were killed and buried by two different people in the same spot? Anywho… Kalinda figures out it was a gang hit, and the woman was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But to get the name of the killer, Alicia has to go to death row to meet the guy on the tape. That guy is in for raping two 14 year old girls over 3 days and then killing them by slicing their throats. It is horrific and gave me nightmares. It also leaves Alicia a little more than unsettled as Grace is the same age. Diane and Alicia work with Justin Coyne (Romany Malco) to get access to him before he is executed. Justin is working on getting him life in prison instead, but Alicia thinks he should fry. She didn’t say that, exactly, but it’s what she means. When she goes, the death row inmate agrees to talk, if she brings his mother and brother to see him.

Right before he is set to be excuted Alicia gets the two family members to the guy. It is horrifying to watch as the mother is at first so happy that he wanted to see her and then destroyed as he tells her she should burn in hell, amongst other awful things. Alicia’s face was heartbreaking. But I appreciated them having a person who was completely irredeemable on the show. Even Colin Sweeney has had his moments.

Next week – more drama with the Will & Alicia’s affair.

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae

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