A bloody glove, a new addition for Lockhart/Gardner and an elevator ride all rocked Alicia’s world (in different ways) on this pitch perfect season finale of The Good Wife.

the good wife closing arguments recap

Florrick Family Fun

Now that Jackie has been told to back off from the kids, Alicia needed a new sitter for the kids. Conveniently enough, as you may remember from a few weeks back, her fantastic brother, Owen (Dallas Roberts) has moved back to Chicago and has taken up the position. I’m sure access too all of Alicia’s food and wine was a fine incentive. Things are going well, he says the kids are doing fine and they make plans to meet for their weekly Italian dinner. Of course, things go a little crazy with Alicia and the case so she has to cancel. But Owen, Zach and Grace end up with a fourth diner anyway – Jackie. She literally slithers out of nowhere as Owen takes the call from Alicia apologizing for not making it. Being the good brother he is, he doesn’t bother Alicia with it, and let’s Jackie sit down. But the look on the kids faces shows they are equally horrified/uncomfortable with the situation as he is. I’m so interested to see where this going next season. That Jackie…. she is a real problem.

Eli has a plan

Now that Peter is about to settle in to his old position of State’s Attorney, the DCCC chair,Frank, tells Eli it is time to dream bigger. Like Governor big. Peter is back in the good graces of the people of Illinois, something that Alicia played no small part in achieving. Frank tells Eli without Alicia, Peter  is just some guy that slept with a hooker but his her he is “A Kennedy.” You can almost see Eli start to stroke out at the thought of leading the next Kennedy. Now he just needs to figure out where he is going to run his political campaign, which means he needs a legal department. Good thing he knows a lawyer…. Eli heads Diane and they agree that this could be a lucrative deal for everyone. Eli gets a good firm (and automatic Alicia participation) and Lockhart/Gardner get to attach themselves to the next possible Governor (which means money). Diane tells Alicia that she is going to be the liaison between the two areas of the firm now – a big promotion, albeit slightly incestous (which Diane says, a lot!) – but Alicia is unsure, because she knows Eli. And when Eli comes to see her they have one of their fabulous interactions that makes me love them together so much. She tells him she wants him to go elsewhere because she knows this is just an agenda to get Peter a senate seat or Governor and she wants nothing to do with that. And she doesn’t like that he will be her boss. I love that Eli gets visibly upset when Alicia calls him on his crap. Like he doesn’t want her to think ill of him. Eli isn’t having it.

Eli: No. Alicia, I defer to you on many things, but this is a business decision. I’m bringing my consulting business here because I think it’s a good fit. And you are going to be the liaison because that is a good fit too. Now you can find any hidden agendas you want, but I’m not changing my business plan.

In other words – I love you, you are my best friend, and you will work with me, dammit. I for one am totally psyched for this development and it is probably the thing I am most looking forward to next season. Eli + Alicia = fantastic television.

Case of the Week

the good wife season 3Normally each case of the week revolves around a trial. This week, the trial is over. This case is about what happens after closing arguments. Well, I guess usually you would just sit and wait it out for the verdict. But this week, no so much. This week we are dealing with the Judge Killer case – the one brought up at the end of last week’s episode. We see Will’s closing argument. They are defending a man, Jake Rickter (Seth Gilliam – another Wire alum!) whose son died during oral surgery who sued the dentist a year ago. The judge on that case was Ellerbee, the man whose murder is on trial now. The biggest piece of evidence in the case is a missing glove that is suspected to have the killers DNA on it. Problem is, no one has found the glove. Hmmm. Suspicious. Alicia goes back to give Diane an update on the case, and Courtney (Sonequa Martin), the assistant hands Alicia an envelope meant for Will. She takes it to her office an, uh oh, a bloody glove falls onto the desk! Found the glove!

Alicia is in an understandable amount of shock and is frozen, not wanting to further contaminate anything and mess up an already destroyed chain of evidence. She sends Courtney to get Diane, but the phone starts to ring, and Alicia can’t get it. Who should walk by but Kalinda. I love that even in this moment, Alicia gets annoyed she has to talk to Kalinda. The face she makes is classic. Kalinda goes into PI mode. She makes sure nothing moves (Alicia gets annoyed Kalinda feels the need to tell her this. Ladies, ladies, take a moment!) and then calls Sophia (Kelli Giddish) for some help. Sophia agrees to run DNA testing separate from the cops, and just asks that they wait to call the police. Will is telling Jake that no matter what, they will appeal so not to worry. As he goes to leave he gets the call about the glove and runs back to Jake. He tells him they found it and asks if there is any chance Jake’s blood is on it. A great moment, because as his lawyer, he is supposed to be on his side, but it shows that lingering doubt you always have. Jake says no, so Sophia takes some dried blood that fell off the glove onto a memo and leaves the glove for the cops.

Now that there is a new piece of evidence, Will asks for a mistrial, but Childs and Cary are not having it. There is a lot of fighting over where the glove came from, etc. Judge Morris (Jane Alexander) tells Will that he can look for more and if he finds it she will reconsider the motion for a mistrial. When Cary and Childs leave she also tells Will, in judge double-speak, that she is on his side here but an appeals judge will not be. So work hard to find something – they have as long as the jury is deliberating. So back at Lockhart/Gardner they come up with a plan. Will knows the sheriff guarding the jury, so he will keep tabs on their progress. He also agrees to talk to Peter because the new SA could stop the trial based on new evidence. Also, they want to run fingerprints on the envelope. But the cops have it. Except, they don’t, Alicia informs them. The envelope she was holding was just an interior envelope. The one it was delivered in is in the mail room! Hurray!

Alicia stops Will on his way to see Peter to warn him that things might be, well, awkward. She stops short of telling him they are separated, but does allude to the fact Peter assumes something happened between Will and Alicia. Alicia downplays it, saying it is nothing, but Will knows it’s not. While Will goes to the courthouse, Alicia, Kalinda and a dozen other people look through the files of all the other cases the judge presided over to see who would be angry. They are looking for someone to compare DNA from the glove with. One stand out – Barbarini, so Kalinda goes off to find him. Will meets with Peter and asks for help. But Peter is not going to help Will, of course. The tension in that small little room they are in is so thick, I think it started to seep out of my television.

Peter: How’s Alicia?

Will: Good. She’s doing well.

Peter: At work?

Will: …. yes.

Peter: It will be funny to be on the opposite side in court.

Will: It will.

Peter: But…. not laugh out loud funny.

Eek. Will was a little shaken by that exchange. Of course he doesn’t have time to think about it because his sheriff friend tells him bad news: the judge wanted the jury to work through dinner, but they said they didn’t need dinner, meaning they were almost done. Will has a plan, and has the sheriff serve the jurors a lot of coffee. Kalinda finds out Barbarini has nothing to do with it, but also discovers that at the time of his trial, Judge Ellerbee was having personal issues with his daughter, so that is a new angle. Sophia comes back with the fingerprints – one is an ex con, the other ex military. But that ex con isn’t as good of a lead as they thought – it’s just the guy in the mailroom.

Diane: Did you know we have a sex offender in the mail room? The baritone at the Christmas party.

Will: I…. okay…. I…. I can’t process that just yet.

the good wife closing argumentsHa! Love it. But this conversation has another purpose – Will follows a juror into the bathroom and then “accidentally” starts talking about the glove in front of him. Oops! Looks like the judge is going to have to replace him with an alternate. And juror number two as well. Will didn’t realize that guy was in a stall! Will just bought more time. Meanwhile Sophia drops a bomb on Kalinda – the DNA on the glove… it’s female! Will tells Jake, but also tells him not to get his hopes up yet.

Kalinda celebrates this small victory…. by sleeping with a blonde. No, not Cary as so many people seem to want. (She’s avoiding that guy like  plague.) She slept with Sophia. And then right after, Sophia takes a call…. from her husband. Watching Kalinda start to break at that bombshell, well, it was just heartbreaking. Kalinda, you really need to start asking these things in advance. She goes back to work to find out the daughter of Judge Ellerbee, who was in rehab in Arizona, is back in town, so Diane sends her and Alicia (awkward!) to go and question her. Diane goes to question Cary – it turns out those ex-military prints belong to a guy who works at a delivery store two blocks away from the State’s Attorney’s office. The guy identified Cary as being at the store that day.  Cary  is offended she thinks he sent it because he loves his job and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. Kalinda and Alicia awkwardly make their way through questioning the daughter and Kalinda finds a syringe to test DNA against. However, Alicia doesn’t think she did it – the daughter mentioned her dad took bribes, so that seems like a good angle.

Unfortunately, the judge calls them all back to court, and Will is afraid he jury has reached a deliberation. Thankfully, they haven’t – they just want part of a transcript read. At the same time, Diane realizes maybe the killer was on a case Judge Ellerbee didn’t preside over – and if he took a bribe for that case, that person would be pretty angry! Will gets the judge to agree to have the ENTIRE transcript of Jake’s original case read – all 186 pages, which buys them 3 hours to find a female on a case Ellerbee didn’t end up being the judge on. Kalinda finds a possible woman, Angela Gothard. And guess what, she participated in In Vitro, so her DNA is on file.

Kalinda brings the new evidence to Cary, knowing he will do the right thing. He tries to ask why she is avoiding him, if it is about Alicia, but she ignores him. Oh you two…. And Cary, being Cary, does do the right thing. Judge Morris gets the new evidence, declares a mistrial and happiness ensues! Jake is reuninted with his family, and Will and Alicia look on. And then when Jake leaves Peter watches… and then rips up the receipt from the delivery service. He sent the glove. Sigh… Peter, why did you do it? To be a good guy? To manipulate Will? Or Alicia? And my big question: did Cary actually know? Because I kind of wonder…..

Love in an Elevator

alicia and willSo, here’s the part we’ve all been waiting for, or dreading I suppose. Will and Alicia go to celebrate. Tequila shots for everyone! They are flirty a bit, and she asks about Tammy. Turns out, after his original closing arguments he was supposed to go to her apartment and convince her not to go to London, but obviously that didn’t happen. So she is in London. Good. Really? He needed to convince her again? Because he already asked her to stay. Bye bye, Tammy. The two discuss their consistent bad timing and Will wonders what it would be like if for just one hour they didn’t have bad timing…. The word exceptional is uttered, and Will sprints to the receptionist desk to get a room. The sprinting isn’t show, I just imagine that is what happened. Of course, the hotel is booked solid (really?!) except for the Presidential Suite (it comes with a butler named Jerome!) for $7800 a night. For $7800, I hope they have better timing for more than an hour. Damn!

They get in an elevator right after some horrible child pressed all the buttons. But I kind of want to kiss the kid because it leads to one of the best directed/scored/acted scenes on the show. As the doors open and shut, you can see the doubt starts to creep up on Alicia’s face. And just as she is about to say that maybe they shouldn’t do this, he takes her hand and then draws her into a hot elevator kiss. (Someone has been watching Grey’s Anatomy!)

When they get to the room, the key won’t work and Will nearly has a seizure. He goes to get another key and Alicia grabs his hand and says it’s ok. Just when you think she means she changed her mind and this is sign not to do it, she flips the key card over (because Will is a dummy and had it upside down. I don’t blame him… he was excited) and then opens the door and leads him inside.


So, what did you think? I thought it was a perfect episode. I absolutely loved every minute. Bravo, writers!  I know a lot of you are upset over the Will/Alicia thing. I don’t know if she is ready to jump into a relationship, but I’m curious to see how they handle that next season! Speaking of – Season 3 is official as of today, and the show has been moved to Sundays at 9pm.

What are you excited for with The Good Wife Season 3? Eli and Alicia????  YAY!

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae and her blog i [heart] tv

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