This week I’m trying a new recap style as you may have seen for other shows we cover. I may or may not stick with it for this series, but I wanted to try it out tonight.

The Good Wife Season 4 Episode 2

On tap for tonight – another stellar guest star, with a connection to our leading lady, Juliana Margulies. Former ER star, the wonderful Maura Tierney. I love her. Find out who she plays inside.

Well, the episode starts with Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) in a suit that has purple. For those wondering, yes that matters. But he is just one in a string of litigators beings interviewed by Clarke Hayden (Nathan Lane). The last being Alicia who refuses to play “thunderdome” aka – “sell out another litigator as being lesser than you.” Not everyone was as nice, especially when it came to Alicia. Jealous much, kids?

Meanwhile, newly-reinstated lawyer Will Gardner (Josh Charles) is trying a case of a young man who was killed during a NATO protest when he charged at a cop who then fought back and stunned him with a stun gun. Till he died. Sad. His opposing council is Lionel Deerfield (Richard Gilmore, I mean Edward Hermann). And using the disturbing video does well – a $800,000 offer, which Hayden urges they take, because, well, $$$ – but not well enough for Will who then turns it down. So Diane asks Alicia to sit second chair so he will impress her and win. Way to use that relationship to your advantage, Di.

Uh oh. It’s the ice cream scene. Mmm. And it’s soft serve. I miss going to Weir’s. (Ways to find out if anyone I went to high school with reads this column!) But I shall not think of such things because I know where this is going. As Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and Nick (Mark Warren) sit in the innocent ice cream shop and banter about the good ol’ days, he um, tries to remind her of some of those times, and when it doesn’t work out, he sticks his fingers in her ice cream, which she continues to eat. I feel like if you read between you’ll realize this is so much worse than it seems. Any innocence I associated with Weir’s is ruined.

Diane (Christine Baranksi) goes to meet Maddie Hayward (Maura Tierney) about the lease relief they need. But she doesn’t want to talk to Diane about this or anything else. However, a chat with Alicia seems like fun, apparently! Yay!

The-Good-Wife-Season-4-Episode-2-Diane Will


As Will continues to pile on the “sad tragic victim” card for the jury by interviewing the guy’s fiance, Lionel is starting to get that defeated face. But as Judge Temple (James Urbaniak) is humble-bragging about his Harvard alum luncheon, he is handed a note – a question from the jury for the witness. Why wasn’t the fiance wearing her engagement ring in the video? Ruh-roh.

Yeah, it turns out that she broke off the engagement at the protest. That won’t help the case now will it? But before they deal with that, Diane asks Alicia to talk to Maddie. Will then confronts Kalinda about not being around and makes sure that she knows she needs to do her Kalinda-thing. Right now. And then Alicia is back with Hayden trying to not bad mouth people who work in Mergers and Acquisitions. Oh dear.

Alicia, who hasn’t had enough fun yet this morning, has Kalinda come in to let her know that the new client with the tow trucks is that super-dangerous- husband-man. Best. Day. Ever, basically. But Alicia goes right back to work as she questions a doctor as an expert witness while Cary and Kalinda count jurors who take notes.

Then Alicia heads to see Maddie (it’s only lunch!) to explain the issues with the lease. Maddie seems waaaayyyy more interested in talking about Alicia’s connection with Peter during his campaign. I’m super curious what Maddie wants here. I’m trained to think nothing good when it comes to this show, but I also want to believe she could be a friend, since I love Maura.

Deerfield crosses the doctor, asking about the autopsy, including a tox screen that was performed which led to more Columbo questions from the jury, about anti-depressants. Apparently Will didn’t turn over certain things like the dude was on anti-depressants, and that’s a no-no. So things are taking a turn, and that $800,000 is way off the table. Sigh.

Continuing her day of awesomeness, Alicia has to tell Scary!Nick that he is no longer going to be their client. As you can imagine, he didn’t take it so well. But not in a punch walls, toss desks sort of way. In the sit quietly and drink an entire bottle of Pellegrino sort of way. Chilling.

Kalinda, Will and Cary try to figure out which juror is their issue (an older lady who lost a child). While they do that, Alicia talks to Diane who suggests she calls Maddie to help things along. We also find out that Hayden let the entire Mergers and Acquisitions team go. Except the one person whom Alicia knew and said was a good lawyer. Huh.

The Maddie thing seemed weird already, but then it got weirder when she came to Peter (Chris Noth) and Eli (Alan Cumming) to possibly contribute money to his campaign. She just wanted to know there wouldn’t be anymore incidents with, you know, whores. I like her.

Oh! Oh! Another Gilmore Girls alum in the court room! It’s Dean Charleston aka Dakin Matthews. This makes my Stars Hollow loving heart soar. He is playing the doctor who prescribed the victim a drug for insomnia and anxiety. Deerfield shows that this drug could lead to suicidal tendencies. Things just keep getting better and better for Will!


When Kalinda gets home that night she is met by a not so happy husband, Nick. How do I know he is unhappy? He is pointing a gun at her. And when she just walks by, he does the mature thing and punches a mirror. Seven years of bad luck, that is! Dummy. Kalinda just seems annoyed. It was a nice mirror. He then tells her he loves her and always will, which seems as much of a threat as anything else.

The case is getting quite a bit of attention among the protesters who are now holding a “die-in.” Clever.  Kalinda gets some info from a friendly protester friend of the victims. The kid had been stickered – basically, cops go around putting stickers on the real trouble makers to make sure when they come back if things get out of hand, they know who to go after. Also clever. The guy thought it was weird this kid had a sticker, but as Kalinda find out on the video, he didn’t- it was just a smiley face button, which was mysteriously gone by the time the kid was rolled away by EMTs.

Eli tells Alicia that Maddie is on board the campaign, but before she can even really react to Eli’s glee/admiration, Hayden calls her into another one of his meetings. This time, she says she likes all the people he names from Family Law, because she feels like she holds too much weight. He says that’s not how it goes. Seems weird though.

Maddie then goes to talk to Alicia when they see each other in the courts. She asks Alicia out for drinks, which Alicia in all of her narcissism  apparently  took to be asking her out on a date (what?!). Maddie is friend-hunting, and Alicia is delighted. Perhaps they can discuss their love for hot guys in Emergency Rooms. Maybe of the Croatian variety.

Will brings the cop back on the stand and shows the video causing the cop to basically crumble. Cue the line of questioning from the jury! Those 12 people were furiously passing folded pieces of paper like high school students with a substitute teacher whose back was turned while writing on the chalk board.

Hayden goes up to Alicia and tells her to bring Nick back on as a client because, again, $$$! Diane then tells Alicia that Maddie isn’t going to refinance, but give the 27th floor to someone else. She isn’t impressed that Maddie is contributing to Peter’s campaign. Not good. Back in the courtroom, Will gets Deerfield to settle… for 3.5 million. That is very good.

Over on the campaign bus Peter and Alicia are all giggles and happy. It’s nice to see some happy people…. but at what cost?

So that’s the show. What did you think? Another strong episode in a crazy strong season. And it’s only episode 2!

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The Good Wife “And the Law Won” Recap

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