This week on The Good Wife season 3 we got to spend a little more time with Cary Agos. And as far as I’m concerned, that is never a bad thing. We also got to learn a little more about Eli and his ex-wife. And more Alan Cumming is never a bad thing either!

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Matters of Diplomatic Immunity
This week’s case was a good one if only because – spoiler alert! – the guy Alicia was defending was actually guilty! A girl was raped and murdered on a booze cruise and the two suspects were the children of diplomats. One was Dutch and he was immediately let go because we like the Dutch. The other one was Taiwanese and our relationship with them is a little shaky due to our also shaky relationship with China. (This show makes you smart, y’all!) So the judge, thanks to a little nudging from Cary says, “No Diplomatic Immunity for you!” I hoped he would say it with Soup Nazi flair, but alas, he just did it in his regular judge way.
Alicia, and new Lockhart/Gardner employee, Caitlin work the case. They try to get a member of the State Department to vouch for the kid, but that backfires when Cary finds a person higher up on the food chain to make that fall through. This kid did all he could to make it look like his Dutch friend did it, but in the end, he was guilty. And that became abundantly clear when he attempted to flee the country. Love the moment in the car when Caitlin gets a glimpse into the inner workings of being a real lawyer by watching  how Alicia got around telling Cary exactly what she knew by manipulating the wording of the conversation. Here’s what we learned with this case: that rape app is completely useless, stoplight parties scare people over 25 (Alicia’s face was hysterical!) and people other than Colin Sweeney are actually guilty! Good stuff.

So you slept with a Bin Laden…
In order to get in with the State Department, Diane asked Eli to use his connections. That connection – his ex-wife, Vanessa (Parker Posey). Based on all previous conversations regarding Vanessa, I expected the relationship to be a little more contentious, but I enjoyed the fun banter between the two. It was made even better by the obvious connection between Cumming and Posey – he wanted her for the part, and I’m glad that he got his way. Vanessa was willing to help with the State Department, but she wasn’t going to do it for free.

Vanessa wanted Eli to check out a guy that she was going to have run her campaign for Senate – an idea Eli finds very amusing. Of course, that guy was awful and just a ruse to get Eli to agree to help her, at least at first. So he uses Kalinda to vet her. And she finds out some stuff. Turns out when Vanessa was still married to Eli she took business trips to Dubai and while there she met a guy and they slept together. And that guys last name…. Bin Laden. Osama’s cousin. Aaaaand thus ends Vanessa’s senate campaign. It also ended the friendly nature of Eli and Vanessa’s relationship. I hope there is so much more of these two!

Kids Today….
Alicia may be a very intelligent woman and attorney, but she can’t understand this newfangled technology. So she enlists the help of tech savvy son, Zach, for some computer tutoritals. Unfortunately, Zach apparently out-teched the IT guy, and those guys can be sensitive. IT guy was very upset with Alicia and her computer went all “Blue Screen of Death” so she just had Zach come in to fix it. While he was there, he met Will. It was one of the most adorably awkward meetings as Will bumbled his way through meeting the kid of the love of his life.How awkward was it? Will’s closing line was, “Keep on keeping on.” Really. Wow. Love Will’s face as he turned away to leave the office. Could he be more adorable? Now, earlier Zach asked Alicia if she had a boyfriend and she got weird, then there was this little moment with Will. Wonder if he’s smart enough to put two and two together.

Later Will asked Alicia if he should formally meet the kids – he didn’t say if he meant as her boss or as her special friend – but she basically said, “No, why would I want to do that, I’m just having sex with you and you mean nothing special to me otherwise.” Obviously, I’m reading in to her answer a bit, but by the look on Will’s face, that is certainly how he took it. Oh Will, you’re winding up the rebound. Don’t let it happen.

And speaking of kids, how about that Caitlin and her obvious crush on Will? I smell trouble. Especially because Will is a flirt and Caitlin seems like a bit of a vixen. Is Will the reason she wanted to get in to Lockhart/Gardner? Alicia is not going to like this. But it may force her to face her feeeelings.

Cary’s New Office
Over at the State’s Attorney’s office things are full of drama. Cary is flirting it up with Dana (Monica Raymund), a coworker who is in her last week at work. According the Cary’s work nemesis, Brody (Chris Butler), Cary likes his ladies ethnic. Trying to replace the missing Kalinda in his life? Anywho, they have an interlude and she introduces him to her dad, a big shot who is pals with Peter. Which brings us to the office drama.

Brody tells Cary that Peter put him in charge of moving the offices around so he has a new space for Cary. And by that, he means, a cubicle in an unused office. Oh Brody, why you gotta be so mean? But things don’t last long in the cubicle. Between winning the diplomatic immunity case (it’s about time poor Cary got a notch in the win column!) and charming Dana’s dad, Cary has kissed all the right butts. So Brody takes him to the new office that Peter has requested for Cary…. a Big Huge Office with frosted glass doors that have his name on it. Oh and right next to his name: Deputy State’s Attorney. Take that, Brody!

Cary has been a thorn in Alicia’s side since getting booted from L/G, but I still love him so I’m happy for him and his new promotion. Although it makes me nervous….

I thought this episode was fun because I’ve missed spending so much quality time with the underused and uber-talented Matt Czuchry. I was sad we lost so much Diane and Kalinda time, but it’s good to mix it up. My big question…. is the computer issues at L/G a storyline? Because Eli had the blue screen problem too. Is this going somewhere? More Zach in the office to witness the Will/Alicia/Caitlin drama that is inevitably on the horizon, perhaps?

Written by Melissa Miller. Find her on Twitter @serrae