I missed SNL last night, and because Blake Lively was hosting I decided to hop onto reliable ol’ Hulu.com to watch. Little did I know that Hulu makes you watch an ad between EVERY skit! WHAT THE WHAT? Holy annoyances, batman. The monologue was cute but not  anything really worth watching aside to see how cute Blake’s red dress was. She was a fearless host, really going out there for the laughs.

(And now I realize Hulu doesn’t even play these continuously in the proper order. Ugh! Is that so much to ask? And is it also too much to ask that people bring me presents all day long while I sit on a throne made of peacock feathers?! )

The Potato Chip skit: It had a few moments of funny, and Blake was really good. But it was also totally gross at the end. Like, I almost vomited in my mouth for real because I am sensitive like that, gross.

blake snl

Tiger Woods’ Accident skit: Topical, and Blake was great again. But I hate how they talk about how horrible the wife is, when Tiger is the one who cheated. I understand violence is wrong, and honestly the story has been so muddled I don’t even know what happened. Anyway, the skit was okayishly funny.

blake lively snl

Obama Afghanistan Cold Open: The most talked about skit. It was good.

obama snl