Glee and Konami have partnered to bring us the inevitable: The Glee Wii Game! This is a karaoke game, of course. The game was released on November 9th, 2010.

Right now, the only two Youtube videos I see of people actually PLAYING the game are both of very young kids. Is this game not fun, or are people just not willing to publicly pit their voice up against Lea Michele‘s?

But is the game any good, or is it just hype? The reviews of Glee fans mention that you can’t actually turn the lead vocals off, so rather than being true Karaoke, this is a sing-along game.  Rather than being a solid game that reflects the quality of Glee, other reviewers insist this was pushed out for the holiday season.

This Glee game has 35 songs featured in Glee season 1. The Glee Wii Song List includes: Don’t Stop Believing, I’m Telling You, (not Poker Face), Gold Digger, Bust a Move,  You Keep Me Hanging On … and that’s all we can confirm! If you can confirm more songs, please share them in the comments so we can update this page for Gleeks!

You can buy the Glee Wii game on Amazon for $49.99


Glee Karaoke Revolution Teaser – Nintendo Wii – 2010 E3 Expo – Konami

GLEE Karaoke Revolution – Wii – 4 debut official video game screenshots HD