Last week we showed you guys how prominently Glee was trending after it aired on the East Coast. This week, the same thing! Only we’re showing you what’s still trending almost two hours after the episode aired in NYC.

The words/phrases trending are: Grilled Cheezus (add it to your dictionary!), Kurt’s Dad, Cheesy Lord and Poor Kurt. What’s interesting is that the episode is called “Grilled Cheesus” but the variation of that word trending on twitter is misspelled into: Cheezus. But, there really is no way to spellcheck that, I suppose.

Screencap proof:

That’s a screencap of my personal twitter account @ThisJessicaRae. You can see I have a list for The Vampire Diaries Dialogue Panel Project – and you should follow it if you’re a TVD fan! The panel for 2×03 “Bad Moon Rising” was done with the amazing Chloe, who vlogged about it! Voila: