What did you think of The Gift of Revenge as presented by Neiman Marcus and Target?

The Gift of Revenge Part 1: Okay, a creepy black figure wrapping a white box with black ribbon. A white car ZOOMS. We see a bit of pink on the lips of the driver. Next: we see Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) having a dinner. The figure in black reveals the white boxes on a tray. She thinks it’s from Jack, and he says it isn’t. It’s the black lace dress (Robert Rodriguez for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.) To Be Continued…

I like the heightened golden glow for these scenes. But I don’t like Amanda/Jack as a couple.

Grade: C (Given in retrospect, next to the other bits. The idea on its’ own is graded at the bottom.)

The Gift of Revenge Part 2: Charlotte (Christa B Allen) is trying on clothes, but none of them are right for her. She closes a door and calls out for Margaret. The figure in the black pumps lays a box down. Charlotte’s red robe has slipped open to reveal her black bra, which is odd and not called for. Charlotte has also gotten an invitation to a party and a dress to wear. Margaret wants to know where it came from, and Charlotte admits she doesn’t know. But it’s clearly the right dress. This is the Lela Rose Dress for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection.

I actually liked this bit, it was very much like a teaser trailer for a horror movie. And it’s also one of those scenarios that lots of girls like myself would like to insert themselves into.

Grade: A

The Gift of Revenge Part 3: This time, Declan (Connor Paolo) is in a huge and gorgeous library. We see The Count of Monte Cristo book. And also a mysterious package for our collegiate boy. It’s a navy and white blazer which is very Hamptons, but not very Declan. I can see Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) wearing it, or Daniel (Josh Bowman.)

I feel bad we haven’t seen Declan in this episode at all. But I’m a sucker for a huge, spooky library.

Grade: B

The Gift of Revenge Part 4: We see random party goers with other objects like the Alice + Olivia Bike and the amazing black cape by Prabal Gurung. They all got white boxes with black ribbon. The lights go out.

I just realized this had to be one of the last ones… why didn’t we cover Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) or Emily (Emily VanCamp) or Daniel (Josh Bowman) or Nolan?

Grade: C

The lights go on, and our crowd enters … a giant party. And the ginger Gin Wigmore is there singing “Black Sheep.”

I’m a bad woman to keep
Make me mad, I’m not here to please
Paint me in a corner but my colour comes back
Once you go black, you never go back
I’m a black sheep

And who brought them all there? NOLAN ROSS (Gabriel Mann.) I kind of knew he’d have the other half of the hat (Best Friends!) but wasn’t sure if he would have planned the entire party. And he’s REALLY well dressed.

I know why the character of Nolan wouldn’t invite Daniel or Ashley, but could they not get Emily VanCamp to do this spot?

Overall Grade: A (More entertaining than commercials!)

Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop. Find her on Twitter @ThisJessicaRae.