I only want to talk about one character in this review of The Following “Mad Love.”

And it's not Emma.

And it’s not Emma.

The name of the hostage was Megan. She was pretty, young, and not prepared to find death riding in on her so soon. Given the chance for escape, she tried to make it count. But she was no match for the isolated area, nor two psychopaths hell bent on finding her.

And now, her death doesn’t just need to happen. It’s become a trial for the character of Jacob, who has yet to land his first kill. At the end of “Mad Love” Megan is once back in her bondage, waiting for death in that hopeless basement.

As for Jacob, he shall not be punished. Instead, he finds love from his friends. They’re willing to be open-minded and generous with their patience. These are qualities you wouldn’t expect to find in serial killers. It’s hard to even care that they do it. Because they are evil, and cruel, and not worth redemption at this point.

I really thought Megan might get away. Now she just waits for her execution after tasting that brief moment of hope. Can you imagine how that would destroy a soul?

She’s already dead.