Mojito Shoe

Mojito Shoe

Julian Hakes is an architect in London who felt compelled to design an incredibly weird shoe. Sometimes I think I’ll design something totally improbably and uncomfortable… Uh, but then I remember that I don’t hate people and have no need to be that pretentious.

Seriously. Who would wear this shoe for anything more than a red carpet ‘wtf’ moment? It cannot be comfortable, it’d probably screw up the arches in your foot. I love fashion and innovation and blah blah blah, whatever. This shoe is still stupid! I respect the design put into the creation, but I think it’d be dumb to actually wear.

Hawkes says: This form felt light and airy on the foot. So we called it the ‘Mojito’ as it was rather like a twist of lime skin.

Monica Geller (Not Gellar like Sarah Michelle, oops!)

Monica Geller (Not Gellar like Sarah Michelle, oops!) SScoop = SSScoop. Sigh, life hates me today!

You know who would have loved this shoe? Monica Geller on Friends. HEAR ME OUT. At some point during the show she was having serious money troubles and even playing the stock market. I could envision an episode where she heard about this show and decided to invest and promote it. She was ALWAYS trying to be hopeful and optimistic, you know? And who can forget the episode where she bought those really uncomfortable boots that she could never wear?(See: The One With Monica’s Boots.)

She’d be all excited and try to get her friends on board, of course (no pun intended!). Rachel would be interested since she likes style, but even stylish people like to be able to walk in their shoes. When Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica tried to WEAR the Mojito shoe? I predict comedy gold. And then Monica would realize that wearing those shoes is basically like wearing nothing, and lets her feet get really dirty. And we all know how much she LOVES dirt and grime.

What other TV characters do you think would invest in this shoe, or even buy it?